The Cross-Talk Between the Dopaminergic and the Immune System Involved in Schizophrenia

In this research,they said;
1-Schizophrenia is Mental illness,it is characterized by thought disorders,perception,cognition and volition
2- Dopamine is the substance of the illness

So, they said,the sz is metal illness for genetic /chemical causes not For psychological factors,social, or environmental
The question;
Why they did not said ,the schizophrenia is a brain illness or brain disease ?
(especially they talking only about the chemistry /immune not the mental functions )

As we see,there is no a whole central illness condition of SZ existed in the the basic nature of the person “patient”,but there are many different symptoms of disorders represented in the mental function outputs ,whereas each symptom is isolated and independent about the rest of the other symptoms ( like thought disorder and volition)

the research is a failed attempt to find a relationship between a chemical factor (dopamine) and the symptoms of schizophrenia
( an alteration in dopamine that associated with anatomical changes and immune system lead to a disorder in the cognition / behavior which they diagnosed as a symptoms of schizophrenia )

Anyway,there is no conscious understanding to the fact that,there is an actual whole condition embodied in the basic nature of the person be called Hallucination,it is not rooted from the mental health condition nor the biological health condition,but it is a new health condition ,it have full independence in the structure / function and it have the full ability to induces a new kind of higher mental processes by open new neural pathways and using the biochemistry of the brain to execute these processes without inducing an organic disease or illness or creating a new abnormal chemical substances in the brain

It means,there is no genetic mutation or genetic gene to producing the alteration in the dopamine ,but the functional activity of the hallucination is the root origin of the alteration in the dopamine level all time of waking (ONLY _ONLY_ONLY ) ,which disappears completely during the sleep time ,dreams and lose of consciousness

The original mental function outputs are happen as usual without any disorder all time of waking in the existence of sz condition which represented in the hallucination only ,but the functional activity of the hallucination is the disorder substance which causing the alteration in psychological will ,mental processes concepts ,sleep ability ,waking,attention level and its direction towards the things ,movement,the thinking,feeling, imagination ,recall visual / audio memories and behavioral responses

They said" the initial dopamine hypothesis stated that hyperactive dopaminegic transmission leads to development of schizophrenia symptoms (hallucination,delusion,thought disorder )

What was said is just an unusual beliefs ,because there is no any casual relationship between the dopamine and the existence of sz condition or its symptoms

In the case
If the dopamine level (or any chemical substance) is corrected /modified to the ideal position by action of medical intervention -during the waking time;

  • This does not prevent symptoms from occurring during that period,even for a period of ONE minute
    -Even if the level of the whole brain chemistry is corrected to the ideal position during the wakefulness period ,it will not prevent the symptoms (any one)

The sleep mechanism is the only one that wipes out the existence of the sz condition and prevent symptoms from occurring throughout sleep hours ,regardless of their number

This is the frank evidence that the brain chemistry is not the existence cause of sz condition and not the cause of its symptoms ,because
The symptoms precede the chemical alteration and cause-contrary to what the theory says

In reality,the occurrence of symptoms and their succession within hours brings about alteration in the dopamine level in the form of quantities,they accumulate one after other after the occurrence of each processes producing a package of symptoms at ones ,the resulting damage can be endured until the alteration reach a specific amount after the passage of nany hours,causing an imbalance that cannot be sustained -damage

Increasing the level of dopamine does not create the symptoms and does not cause the biological damage,rather the accumulation of metabolism products of the dopamine (and others) and not to get rid of it with reverse chemical processes or by medical intervention ,is what causes a biological damage without any relation to what happen at the leavel of higher mental processes