The Clean Challenge

It seems to me that a large challenge for everyone on here is housekeeping, so, how about we do it together. For the next week I will be posting an easy project each day. Your everyday chore is to clean 5 things each time you get up. This could be picking up 5 pieces of trash, cleaning 5 dishes, straightening 5 things etc. Tell us the 5 things you did! (If this seems to be a bit much, pick a single room to work with).

For those already bored with this bear with me, this is a three part challenge. For those that don’t want to post EVERYTHING they pick up, you don’t have to, just tell us when you do the projects.

Any suggestions are awesome, just send me a pm.

For all that missed it, day twos project is to get all the trash out of the house! Bonus if all the dishes get to the sink!

Day three cleaning challenge: get all dishes cleaned and put away! Bonus if you take everything off the kitchen counters, wipe them down, and put everything back!

Day four challenge: clean all counters and window sills! Remember, remove everything, clean and then put it all back. Bonus clean the toilet! Double bonus do the dusting!

Cleaning challenge day five: Laundry wipe out! Get all laundry washed foldedand put up. Bonus clean yyour room!


Today’s cleaning project is, move all dirty laundry to the laundry room. Bonus: wash and fold a load!

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I feel really good about housekeeping because I don’t have to do much. Angela does the laundry so my chores are doing the dishes and taking out the trash. Not much but I will definitely post when I do the dishes if you start doing this. I let the dishes get behind. good idea by the way.

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Laundry it is!

(It says must be 20 characters.)

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I picked up 4 children’s toys and a piece of trash.

Angela is giving the dog a bath. I think that counts for five. haha

Ugh, that counts for 20!

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Count me in. I’ll start in the morning. :smile:

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Maybe I will do my laundry tomorrow and take a shower…

Urghhh. That just sounds exhausting. But I’ll try.


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@CarleyGee @Malvok

Today’s project: get all the trash out of the house! Get it out of every room! Bonus… Take all dishes to the sink!

I share an apartment with my sister who is a bit OCD about the clean thing. I don’t think there has ever been 5 things to pick up. She’s like the road runner.


So do the projects for her! I will gladly give alternative cleaning projects. Baseboard cleaning anyone? Honestly, I keep an immaculate house because I get manic, but, it didn’t used to be that way and I had to learn how to clean. I can’t help much but I can make cleaning easier for everyone.

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Yep… she’s on it… along with cupboard vacuuming, under side of the table scrubbing, dusting down the ceiling, fan blades and tops of light fixtures, drapes and curtain washing, using Q-tip’s to keep the window/ door track’s clean…

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Hm, I may need to borrow your sister…


This is such a great thread Sample32! I just put a load in.


count me in. i’ll start tomorrow as i’ve had no sleep for about 28 hours now and i’m pooped. i took the dog out today and did the shopping, fed the animals countless times…kittens eat a lot! i put a wash on last night but i’m too tired to empty the drier and start another load so it looks like i’ll have to wash it again tomorrow…update…just emptied the drier and put another load on so that’s another job done. the dried, tinned and packet foods are still on the side from the shopping. that’s another thing i have to do b4 i go to sleep tonight. will do that after my coffee, and unload the dishwasher. changed the litter trays this morning so i think that’ll b my jobs done for today…soooo tired…zzzzzzz

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Oh, it’s on now! :smile:

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Done! Dishwasher loaded-trash out!

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is that a challenge mal or r u taking the mick out of my cleaning sprees? :slight_smile: