The candle light ritual, our words

Today I had my candle light ritual as I always have on Fridays. Several thoughts came to my mind. World events just seem to be happening and we are so little so that we can not influence in any way. We may express our thoughts and opinions but this freedom of speech may not change anything in this current world. Three specific events came to my mind. There was the Capitol hill riots in America in January 2021. Then there was the withdrawal of all western troops from Afghanistan in the summer of 2021 which had chaotic consequences. And now there is the war in Ukraine. Inflation is rising which we all may experience when we do our grocery shopping. Have you noticed how much the prices of cheese and coffee have risen in the short period of time? Our words have no real impact and we can just watch the news to learn what is happening. The EUROZONE inflation is now 7.5 % and the global food supply is in danger due to the war in Ukraine. But what can we do about all this? Nothing. We just live and feel all changes happening around us. Peace, life and hope.


I don’t think inflation has happened at the Co-op by my house where I shop. I can still afford my food but I think the tamales I buy should be at least a dollar cheaper because there’s barely any sausage in them. My fear is inflation happening at the Co-op and then having to live on macaroni and cheese for who knows how long.

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