The BPS public information report on Understanding Psychosis and Schipophrenia


Just got a e-mail and thought I’d share it with everyone!

Some people will never get what we suffer from, but I guess it helps some people understand it in a formal way, rather than how we’ve come to understand it ourselves ( quite differently :slight_smile: ).

I read the summery found here:

and the full report can be found here or on on a link or on that page:


Well I’ve observed external phenomena…

This is an example of how psychiatry could use something paranormal to justify a diagnosis except that there were about four witnesses. After my good friend was murdered at just 19, I’ve seen lighters fly onto the floor twice. A big mantlepiece flew off the top of the fridge when her step-dad was reaching for it, onto the ground and slid towards me with no one touching it. We all witnessed it and her cousin asked her what she was trying to tell us. I feel like she was mad at him and I know why now. And her cousin’s phone twice has flown off the table and landed somewhere. There is a trial in process and her family all of us are seeking justice.

A psychiatrist would just say you were hallucinating because of bereavement. But no, this actually happened, pointing to an otherside that exists, that defies physics, and proves an external reality beyond the mind. Which also proves that maybe a good percent of our hallucinations have some root in how we interact with reality on a subatomic level!

People aren’t as open to paranormal experiences. They’d rather call you sick to justify a normality they aren’t aware of can be transcended. If the science is changing, so should our view of schizophrenia as a disease, maybe it offers clues to our existence.

I’ve witnessed this phenomena when I was taking my medication as prescribed.