Understanding psychosis and schizophrenia


A critique

Very much from an alternative approach to the medical model


Hi Firemonkey

I find your contribution to the news section invaluable and was wondering for the benefit

of everyone here how you are able to get this news over vast websites, eg do you google certain words

or do you have a list of psychiatric web sites that you browse daily?



I’m glad professionals are encouraging patients to make decisions about their own treatment.


I scan rss feeds and twitter regularly . It’s something anyone can do .


However the report is not without problems; arguably it focuses too much attention on hallucinations and delusions at the expense of “negative” or disorganised symptoms. Equally, it questionably concludes that CBT for psychosis can be effective, despite doubts from the very researchers that it cites.


This matches my experience. I made a thread suggesting that labeling schizophrenics encourages us to be unwell and symptomatic.


The schizophrenic race lol



I am not that computer literate but had a quick look on google - i seems a bit above my head. Never mind.



Professor Jamie Hacker-Hughes, President Elect of the British Psychological Society, said:
“This report will be remembered as a milestone in psychological health.”

Heres another great article from the same study.