The Biggest Difference in My SZ Improvements was Changing What I Believed

I learned the facts. I learned how to think. Many people say they know what thinking is, but very few people can describe what it is. They think it’s any time they are using their brains, but that is not true. Often the brain is working in many ways, but it is not necessarily “thinking.” The brain renders many fallacies all of the time, and we therefore can say that it lies. Any sz will attest to the fact their brains lie, and I can say I have seen many people either lie to someone else, to me, or to themselves.

When I stopped believing myths and science fiction. my health greatly increased. Just admitting that what I believed was all wrong, and learning what is real and how to think at the same time has made the biggest difference.

I will say this for the rest of my life, and I have been saying this for awhile now as my health does get better and better.

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I am glad that you are improving @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis !
You say that you learned to handle your “delusions” and that’s great.
Regarding the thinking part, I think that a lot of people, probably a large majority have a “dull” brain in that they often lose their concentration and their logical thinking is not that great.

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I’ve thought about this too. I have a project in mind to prove whether or not my hypothesis about that is true.

The hypothesis is a combination of their beliefs, their mental behavior in their mental interiority or "mental environment, and their “ego.”

The “hypothetical construct” I’ve mapped out to the way the “mental interiority is shaped like and functions” has to be proven on paper and able to be replicated by anyone else.

That construct then in turn can be used to define why mental behavior is as it is such as the lack of concentration and even mild dementia.

I’d be writing for probably about two days if I had to map that out, and then explain how that construct defines the causes of the end results.

The point of it all is first to know, but then it is to be able to change that about ourselves once we know. You could say it is kind of like going through a “blue print for a large sky scraper,” and combing out all of the structural flaws in order to get the desired functionality. Or you could say it is like debugging the computer software script.

The challenge is the bottle neck between all of the truth and the common inability to understand that truth. So in order to get past that critical point of failure, so that the information can be widespread I have to break it down into bits preferably in video clips with animations and acting things out in many languages.

I see that you @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis may also have some problems( no offense).
You need to be more concise.
You need to state the main things and skip the rest.
If you want to get your message across you need to separate the wheat from the chaff,
and make your message concise empathizing your main points.

What I gather from your post is that you believe that people should be aware of their cognitive problems/dullness and work to improve it. And I fully agree with you.


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