Whats the difference?

Between us and other poeple who experience paranormal things or have certain beliefs? Is it a matter of functioning as to our credibility?

SZ is pretty formulaic. Same things happen to every SZ with a few twists. Religious beliefs are pretty varied and don’t accommodate SZ well usually.

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Well, theres alot of wild beliefs people have. Even wilder than ours on many occasions. Thing is, they function better and have made careers of thier beliefs. Just look at polotics on tv, conspiracy specialists, coast to coast radio?

Well, most schizophrenics have delusions that can be proven to be wrong. Also, medications usually take away these delusions. Also, they tend to be paranoid “they are out to get me” , “they are watching me” “they are controlling me” etc.

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The news pundits say alot of the same things.

The news pundits say things like “I have cameras in my eyes” or “they are controlling my mind”? Your news must be very different than mine.

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The tv can control your mind. Thats why they call it programming. The pundits spread alot of false info about the government too. On coast to coast i bet theres an episode exact like some things weve experienced. And, im not even getting into religous beliefs around the world. In the context of all that, are we so far fetched?

What’s different is how deeply these beliefs graft onto your mind and cause you distress. There’s people who believe with 100% certainty that the earth is flat, but they don’t necessarily obsess over it unless they have a condition.


Yes! There are all kinds of crazy beliefs…but that doesn’t make schizophrenic delusions any more credible. Give me an example of a belief you have that you are trying to justify and I’ll tell you. I’ve seen some doozies on this forum in the short time i’ve been here. It seems like your trying to justify schizophrenic delusions.

Just saying

without an example of what you mean is hard to answer. Not everything a sz person thinks is a delusion

Id rather not right now, because you know me as sz. But I know many non sz would accept all my beliefs as justifiable. Its just that dx makes them seem and feel lesso. And certain people accept nothing from a sz dx person.

Look…im a sz too. But I know what my delusions were before I got on medication. If you can’t even specify your belief I can’t easily tell you if I think it’s a delusion…so I guess we are done here.

I have several off and on beliefs and dont wish to be diagnosed right now, i allready was a long time ago. Point is with better functioning I wouldnt have been.

I have no idea honestly. Maybe functioning? Except I have always been high functioning. I have this ongoing dilemma where it’s been almost 50/50 whether mental health professionals believe i have psychosis or believe my issues are paranormal in nature.

Someone on here mentioned it may be due to the culture of the area we live in. In some countries people with psychosis are hailed as shamans.

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I’m more interested in the fact that almost all schizophrenics in Western cultures get mean voices and visions, whereas a lot of them in Eastern cultures get positive ones. As someone who hears a lot of positive messages from his voices, this interests me, but I haven’t seen more than one or two articles on it.


The difference is that we are mostly certifiably insane :crazy_face:

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Took a really interesting class in college a few years ago: Sociology of Mental Illness.

One of the main themes was how culture affects all facets of mental illness-- everything from the way it manifests, all the way up to treatments and prognoses.

Was super interesting to study how other countries classify and handle what we in the states call mental illness.


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