The best way to combat stigma

I confronted a few people today after reading an article about what stigmas people go through. I told these people I am trying to be respectful to them and yet they spit in my face, but I continue to be the best person I can be, so despite the assumptions they have made about me, I am not those assumptions. I am my own man and for whatever reason they made those assumptions for, that’s not me because I was ready to go and say a few assumptions I had about them, yet I didn’t so I am not who they think I am, I am free beyond them now and I no longer need to hold onto their love I desperately thought I needed after all the shitty things they did to me behind my back, I’m done with them. I’m better than them.


I named this this thread “The best way to combat stigma” so that maybe you can learn from my example. After all, I feel so liberated.

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I just do my best to be awesome.



I play my cards close to my vest and try to be the best me I can. When I’m wrong, I admit it. Who could ask for more?


I of all are at fault when it comes to this , something to do with the word stigma, if it was something like mental ill raceisum. or manufasted I would be more to see one or the other point of view. but its not, its more …

This is something that a lot of people struggle for a very long time to accomplish. Some never do.


Yeah that is especially hard for me. My mother never lived with me or visted besides for a handful of times when I was 5. In all of my 23 years I can count the number of times that I’ve seen her on one hand. So growing up that put a kind of longing in me for another handful of people. Most of the time I just try to be myself and live alone.