Holding stigma for one's self!

i held stigma against myself for a long time…i dont now…i broke free…did you ever hold stigma against yourself?

Yes, I do. Thinking frequently being disliked by others, but is actually me who look down on myself.

ive forgiven myself and others thats how im free from stigma

It is good you have a good start. What made you to consider forgiving yourself and others?

i decided to forgive and set myself free.


Pedro, don’t ever beat yourself up, man.

Lot’s of people are going to tear you down for the sake of their own ego and gain and you don’t want to mix
that with your legitimate self-punishing. It’s not their fault either - they’re hurting too.

Everyone is their own kind of nuts, y’know?

The fact that you self-punish in the first place shows you’ve got a soul that’s trying but every so often when you
give yourself too much of a whippin’ it’s time to stop and start reflecting on all the good you’ve done and bring yourself back up the other way.

In the end I don’ think it’s so much how we screwed up (Buddah (old school shrink) theoried the best students learn by falling into a well while not paying attention) but how we learned from our mistakes and what we did to amend those mistakes even if it was just sharing insights with others.

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Yup, and when you see others making the same mistakes, in the future, you’ll be able to forgive and help them too
knowing that road and how to safely ride it. =)

im in remission the past two years…no more horrid feelings…inner peace is inside me most of the time…

Look up meditation. It helps reset the mind.
It’s a half-awake/asleep state so you get some of the weird dream stuff coming and going sometimes but it’s
quite healthy if only used in fifteen minute doses for refreshing the head when you’re stressing. =)

I have often held my own stigma… that I’m too broken to do something… or everyone can tell by looking at me I’m not right so I’m behind before I began.

A battered self-confidence is one of the collateral damages of this head circus for me.

It’s taken me a long time to get some self confidence back. But as I do… my own self defeating thinking begins to let go.

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