Fighting stigma today

So, I am on the forum nearly all day, but, when I am not, I am on a website called funnyjunk. On this site people post funny things, however, a lot of the posts are also fact compilations fighting stigma about being gay, or autistic, etc. I would like to make one about schizophrenia. What are some stories you have about peoples assumptions when they learned of your illness?
Please post your experience even if it has been mentioned. I really want a feel for how frequently these misconceptions occur.

…most thought I had multiple personalities. I think the general public thinks this way about Sz. imo.

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My sister was telling me about how she loved this show called American Horror Story, and she said “You probably shouldn’t watch it because you might see the characters on the floor”. I’ve had one visual hallucination in my life. So I guess she just assumed all schizophrenics had intense ones all teh time.

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Lots of people have said things like “don’t kill me in my sleep” and “so you see people who don’t exist?” When both of those ahem things are ahem very ■■■■■■■ rare in persons with schizophrenia.

People also think I am dangerous, when in fact I’m in MUCH more danger of offing myself with a bottle of meds and a bottle of alcohol.

My research is on stigma, there is so much written by Patrick Corrigan about it. Even therapists and psychiatrists have been studied and shown to have stigma. Stigma is so bad that many do not seek professional help because of stigma alone.

Now that gay is legalized, mental illness will have its day sooner. I’m bisexual by the way, so being allowed to marry a person who is also male is something I used to only dream of. I’ve only fallen in true chemical love with one person- and it was a he. I’ve studied love and the hormones and neurotransmitters and brain activity in people in love. I was in fact in love with another man.

Now I’m getting derailed, yeah stigma is bad, but there are great minds fighting it. I in fact will be applying to work under Patrick Corrigan.