The best i can do is a simple repetitive job

I don’t handle stress well these days. If I can handle a simple repetitive job, I’m already doing my best. I think it is my old self doing it, I often want to try the more demanding jobs. It would be a lot of fun in the past. There is a chance for my target job but I ruined it. I need to wait for two years at least for the next recruitment. This is not funny. I lose the good chance. In the past I’m very competent in almost every way. I never lose in anything. It doesn’t taste good now that I lose. It’s like a big punishment. But I don’t understand what I’m punished for. It’s difficult to have a realistic estimate of what would come out of me. I intend to do some simple repetitive tasks like sorting letters and spraying insecticide or setting up apparatus if they give me the chance to work. I have a few target jobs in mind. But it takes as long as 2 to 3 years before I could get a job. It hurts to wait. I don’t know if there’s any chance for me. So many people looking for jobs.

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Since I don’t know what to expect of myself, I’m sending letters to different jobs. I have been looking for jobs last year. What I find out, I need to give brilliant answers to a their questions in order to get the job in the government. The rule of the game lies in the quality of your answer. I have got one interview where they asked a series of general knowledge question and mark how many correct answer u have got. I’m getting a little idea on things I need to read about before interview. It makes job searching really busy.