I went to 4 interviews in about one week

So I guess I’m getting better with the stress. I can do better. But at least I’m doing better than last year when I couldnt make myself go to the interviews and hide in the bed. I think I would keep looking for simple job. I need to be patient and focus on each little step instead of the results. After trying for 2 years, I think that I can work in an easy job. It’s just that I need to find someone who would give me this opportunity.


If nothing comes soon I would suggest volunteer work. Looks good on your resume. It’s also rewarding and will help build your confidence.


4 interviews in a week sounds really good. I thought I was doing well when I averaged 1 interview a week for a couple months about a year ago. Again I wish you the best of luck in your job search.

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Good luck. (15 characters)

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