The Best Bagels Are in California (Sorry, New York)

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I’m sorry but the best bagels are found on the East Coast.
New York/ New Jersey bagels are the bomb!

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Shots fired!

California doesn’t know a thing about bagels!!!

(I say confidently, as someone who has never been to California even once)


I think west coast have better doughnuts in my opinion…

My own are pretty darn good.

Best bagel I ever had was in California, from a transplant New Jersey girl’s diner.

Part deli, part coffee shop, part bakery. She would make her own bagels every morning. Amazing home made lox to go with it.

I miss that place.

I’ve had Bruggers bagels, which makes bagels like they do in New York. They were amazing! I loved the rosemary and olive oil flavor. I’ve never had a California styled bagel

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