Which Part of California Would You Most Want To Live

  • California
  • Northern California
  • Southern California
  • None of the above

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i like coastal northern California… where the redwoods meet the sea. it’s not too populated, so its more my speed.

I can see myself living in eureka arcada? or redding or somewhere. no way I could survive in sf or la, too many people.


I grew up in the Bay Area I would go back if I could


I live in Northern California and love it.


If I had to live in California, I would choose Northern California.
It is beautiful there.


Northern California is beautiful but you can’t beat the weather in Southern California. San Diego especially. Not the desert. .


I would want the weather and atmosphere of northern California but with more of a bay area outskirts size city life.

You know, pretty much like where I am now.


I have been from San Francisco to Oregon. It is beautiful country.

Are you looking for a place to set up a schizophrenia commune.


If you are, I would move there.


I’m already here, where are you guys?


so are they really going to split up California into 3 states? @TheBest ? is this what your getting at.


Northern California — The SF Bay Area, specifically. Oh that’s right…I already live there. :sunglasses: :palm_tree:


I had a holiday years ago on the coast at San Luis Obispo. That is a gorgeous part of the country! Really amazing and that is a place I’d live in for sure!


I already live in the bay area as well. I like it here


Yeah I’m looking to buy a military base or amusement park and set up a commune there. First I have to win the lottery.

Yeah they are voting on it I guess.


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