The atmosphere in Israel is very negative, I hate the country

I think that there are countries much better for living for Israel.
This is how I feel, I feel that the situation in many countries abroad is much better than Israel.
Israel is good for people who want to live in a land where everybody hates everybody,
everybody likes to brag, the level of stress is very high , and there is an obsession about money.
I sincerely want something better, something better must exist,
I will move in search of a better place if I can.

no matter where you go, your problems will go with you.
OR you will have even more problems most of the time, esp if you are ill =(

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The problem with geographical cures is this: Wherever you go, there you are.

Do you have a safe or comfortable place you can go to get away from all the nonsense? Blast some music or go to a coffee shop maybe? I know you like chess how’s that coming along? I just don’t know if changing your location is the answer though. Of course these are just thoughts of mine.

I want to try Spain and see how things are.
I don’t think it’s the same everywhere.
I want to live in peace and do my things without getting crazy thoughts about the structure of society,
a thing that I can’t influence.
I will move if I get better, although if my head is clear I might stay in Israel.

do you speak spanish?
why do you wanna go to spain specifically?

@MissMermaid I want to try Spain.
If healthy I’m good with languages, so learning one is not a problem.
I might still stay in Israel if my head becomes clear.
Maybe if I get healthy the intrusive thoughts will vanish, probably.
I get a feeling that a lot of people in Israel with similar problems to mine also get crazy thoughts.

It has nothing to do wth your country dude or anybody’s country if you are born there. Just try to get healthy… see your doc, take your pills, exercise… eat healthy… maybe you need a good goal like getting healthy :smiley:

The grass is always greener on the other side. looking forward to the kingdom of heaven.

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I’m glad you’re being honest about your feelings. Maybe it is time you started considering a move. I am not sure if I’ve ever seen you post a reason why you couldn’t move.

It is true what others are saying, that moving won’t cure your illness, but living in a place you hate can definitely make it harder to cope with or even make it worse. I’ve experienced that before.

@Anna thanks for the advice :blush:.
I can’t move because I now live with my parents who take care of everything for me.
I can’t live independently, can’t earn money.
I don’t see how I can leave on my own.

If you could find assisted living or a group home somewhere else you maybe could! Only your parents would have to pay for you to live there so you’d have to talk it over with them first I guess. But it’s still something to consider! If you wanted to do a trial run of it first you could try to find one in country, see how you do living away from parents then move out of country once you feel comfortable.

Maybe until then you can ask to go on out of country vacations with your parents so you can start scoping out where you’d like to live!

Good luck~

Haha @Anna I can’t even get on disability!
The advantage of living with my parents compared with assisted living is that my trust in them is absolute
(compared to partners in assisted living) and also they are very committed to my recovery and so send me all the time
to various psychiatrists/other experts.
However, no cure exists for my condition unfortunately.
If heaven forfend I get to a situation where I haven’t improved and my parents can no longer
care for me(say in 25 years) in that case I’ll move to one of the neighboring households.

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