Let me move abroad

let me move abroad, I hate Israel, I want to move somewhere abroad

Is Israel angry at you or something

I am angry at Israel, I hate Israel!!!

Israel is a beautiful country filled with happy people

Israel is a scum country that needs to be destroyed

I am in a terrible prison, I want to move away, I like it when I am very very very far from Israel,
to live in Israel is hell.

I love Israel so amazing

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HAHA LET’s change countries!!!

You can’t run away from things you need to fix the root of the problem

Ok Look.
The situation is as follows.
IF HEALTHY, I will move abroad desperately.
If like now I have to stay despite hating Israel.
I will stay in Israel, despite me hating it, because I am very low functioning and I can’t do anything.
I’ll try to take medication with the hope that it makes me calmer and, help me to wait peacefully for
the opportunity to move to another country.


You sound like you on the road to recovery man

IMO, the sooner the better.

Yeah, just put her over there by the coat rack. Jst be careful you don’t damage her.

Can you at least just vent in one Israel thread instead of polluting the forum with them?