The 4 horsemen, Basically

A carbon capture tech will not save us
We will not be around to watch the waters rise gradually and bit by bit.
Before that is war. Before that is disease. Before that is the total breakdown of our societies.

is there a correct way to grieve this? is there a real thing we should all do to put off the imminent end,
if we run away to the forest there will still be no society to come back to.
i believe what i hear from science - that our civilisations as we know them will not last more than 5 years…

been through it all today from running away to Scotland to fundraising ideas for climate justice.

what do we do with all this? what is the best way to live in the interim?

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tl;dr version for below: It’ll be okay though

trigger warning

I remember freaking out about the whole eco system collapse with the heating of the oceans. Then i read about how theres an effort right now cleaning up the oceans of the plastic bottles. Since plastic bottles + sun is like a heated ice cube. The plankton just melting and the pyramid/chain crumbles bottom up.

Then i started freaking out about the whole reaching earths capacity since we go over the limit every single year. But really it’s like eh, by the time it’s time to freak out, i’ll be dead by then. So i just go about my life like i normally would now. I remember having a psychotic episode about the whole thing, but once i read more into it, it’s like eh? ok… it’s not my problem, well mostly. Theres plenty of other people doing the work, i’m just some country bumpkin that likes to read in the middle of no where lol. Though i will experience the intense weather changes.

I am in no position of power to change anything other than to lower my carbon footprint.

Cest la vie :sweat_smile:

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Thanks - yes - that is all pretty rational
i think i panicked because it is Looming and it is going to be sudden and violent

The idea that we will see the waters rise much is for longer living things than humans and the basic idea that run for the hills is not even really possible for anyone but young army brats and their parents

Having lived 45 yrs in local to me peace time. most conflict UK has been involved in since i have been here has not seen the cities other than the odd terror attack, IRA in the 80’s 90’s - so called IS more recently

Should we just get on with it.
campaigning is out for me
but i can maybe fundraise
make me feel like i contributed to peace not just lounged about in peace time


our privelage is a crime
feels like it / is like it

Carbon capture and mass tree planting should take care of the carbon dioxide output.

More carbon dioxide might not be a bad thing either, it’ll cause greater plant yields.

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i don’t see how that’s funny!

I like your way with words

Don’t be so sure the world will end.

Yes, if you look at one side of the picture, things look bleak. But on the other end of the spectrum are the stories few end up talking about – the good news.

Heck, some scientists in Finland basically discovered “manna” from Exodus (a white flakey substance from thin air described as looking similar to hoarfrost that could sustain a population in a desert where no plants could easily grow for 40 years): Google ‘solarfoods’ and look at the media page

Oh, and that’s right, the technology works by pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere, can be powered by renewable energy, and makes a product that is nutritious and can be repackaged as Impossible Burger 3.0 or the ilk.

The cutting edge of scientific research in multiple disciplines is accelerating faster than any point of human history.

So yes, it’s a race between our increasingly amazing ability to create against our legacy of increasing destruction. There’s an inflection point, and if destruction wins, it’s going to suuuuccckkk. But don’t count the good guys out just yet. And if anything, as things get more and more visibly worse, a lot of people on the fence will change things up.

The fight is far from over, the future is anything but decided. Have faith in humanity. We may seem like we’re a lost cause, but we’ve been in worse spots before and managed to get where we are today despite being against incredible odds. Just as one example, there’s an argument to be made that the only reason we haven’t had World War 3 is because of the treat of mutually assured destruction. So on one hand yes, nukes are scary, but on the other, maybe they’ve prevented other terrible conflicts.

Along the same thinking, perhaps the existential threat of an end of the world as we know it, as it becomes increasingly hard to ignore, ends up being a unifying force for positive change like we’ve never seen in our history. Rather than being the 4 horseman of the end, it might well be the catalyst that forces our hand to achieve the beginning of a new and better age.

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i have no idea what anybody is talking about :slight_smile: i choose to remain oblivious but just trust that it will all be ok and even if it doesnt… well its not really the end for me anyway :slight_smile:

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