Damn anxiety makes everything so complicated

Even the issue of losing weight or more precisely the clothes effect.

Now I have lost weight(albeit without consciously dieting) I would like to continue doing so, but there is the issue of buying new clothes as I lose weight . T shirts are ok(can wear them baggy) but underwear and jeans/trousers/lounge wear are a different matter. I can see myself building up a lot of jeans/trousers,etc as I go through the weight loss and on a practical level there is the issue of room to store more clothes as I lose weight . How do people cope with this ?
Do you throw out clothes as they get too big or do you keep them just in case you gain weight again ?

People have mentioned giving clothes to charity but mine are from the cheap end and I’m not sure that’s the kind of clothes charities want .
Of course if you wanted to appear dressed but down at heel it wouldn’t matter.

The other thing is knowing when you have gone down a jean/trouser size for example from 42 to 40 and it’s time to buy a few new pairs of jeans/trousers.
I am not very good at measuring myself.

I can see if you have a lot of weight to lose having to buy and discard umpteen pairs of jeans/trousers as you get down to your target weight(I am 17st and would like to get down to about 12 or a waist reduction from mid 40s to 34) .

How long is it safe to wear a pair of jeans/trousers in terms of losing weight and those jeans/trousers staying up and not falling to your knees/ankles? ( a paranoid fear of mine that this will happen when out around town)

At current I have elasticated waist trousers I order online which are basic/not fashionable but serve their purpose. Although my waist is in the mid40s(at a guess based on not fitting 42 inch jeans) I manage to fit in 38″ elasticated trousers.

I miss the days when my wife was alive and well and managed clothing issues. It’s just one of several aspects of independent living I’m not very good at.
Then again when she was alive my weight only used to fluctuate a couple of stone and so it wasn’t so much of a problem.

I would say keep your old clothes for now, and wear a belt, but look into getting more form fitting ones on discount. You can always wear sweat pants too, or just like something with a drawstring. I fluctuate in weight too, but right now in summer I wear running shorts.

I agree with Daze - I lost some weight and now wear a tight belt.

I don’t feel like buying new pants

@Wave What’s the deal on belts? For example if you are a 38" or 40" waist(just an example my waist size is bigger) and your trousers are 42" what belt size do you need to be looking to get? Is there a rule of thumb for belt buying?

@Daze Thank you for your suggestion.

I’ve fluctuated in weight from upper 180s to lower 150s and my waist has fluctuated from 28 to 32 in the past four years. It’s due to different fighting styles and different types of equally intense exercise. When I was 18 I was 185 with huge legs (could only wear cargo pants because my thighs were that big) and then I dropped to 150 and 28 waist, was very very lean and very flexible and fast. I was into flying knees back then. I trained box jumps like I was insane (oh wait I was) then I got into power lifting as my primary conditioning instead of secondary and got to 165 and a 30in waist, now in 187 with a 32in waist but my legs can fit into relaxed fit jeans. It’s mostly my back, chest, glutes, abdomen and arms that make up my mass.

Solution? I have 32x30 pants and wore a belt when I was lighter. I have medium shirts which are very fitted now and used to look more modest. When I was really light, like 150, I looked immodest in small shirts and modest in mediums. I fill out a large but they’re too long and I tuck them in. Right now my waist is 31 so my pants fit without a belt.

I need to cut weight I lost my perfect abs when I quit cigarettes.

My waist at best over the last 30 years has been a 34. Back when I was in my late teens it was a 32.
I still have several 34" jeans from when they fitted me. Ditto 38/40/42" inch jeans.
T shirts are not a problem as can be worn baggy but for the very odd occasion I wear a shirt it would be( as an adult I used to be a 15.5" collar but have gone up to about 18").

Wear whatever you can fit into. I use to care about fashion now I just wear anything :scream: that fits. People look at you less when you just look average. But if you look nice dressed they will stare, it’s just a natural thing we do.

I dont have the answer to this - I am using a smaller sized belt from my father - my belts dont fit me anymore

I have never been a “Dedicated follower of fashion” to quote a famous 60’s song. So long as clothes fit me and don’t fall down in public that is my main criteria. Could never get into fashion as my sense of style is crap ( and anyway who wants to be a trendy 58 year old ?)

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Don’t let it worry you. There’s so many other things to bother you then stupid clothes.

give yourself some credit, 58 is nothing to be ashamed of, and you should be dating again too. No?

You are right but that’s anxiety for you.

I think you have much trendy potential if that’s what you’re into. I used to always stay at overpriced hotels every vacation I went on. I wanted to make sure traveling was as luxurious as possible. I miss those days of living pampered out of luggage. Sometimes, I wish I’d just use my earnings to travel around and see the world and overcome my anxiety and homebound nature.

Have never dated in my life including the whole initial chat up line. The only serious adult relationship I had we met while both in patients in a psychiatric hospital. We never courted but just went from being friends to leaving hospital and living together in a very short time.