I don’t know what is thanksgiving but I see that it is a important day for American people. I hope that you has a happy day and delicious dinner with your family.

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Thankgiving is supposed to be a time where you’re reminded of what you’re thankful for and a time for family (friends) to come together with great food.

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Thanksgiving started with the Pilgrims. They moved here to the new world in the 1600’s or something and started a settlement. The settlement was not doing good, they had no food and they were starving. The friendly local Indian’s somehow knew about this and approached the settlers with food. They all sat together and ate. The settlers we’re very thankful of course. I don’'t know when the U.S. actually started celebrating it as a holiday but that is it’s origin.

I personally don’t take much meaning behind the history of it just being able to stuff myself full of turkey, cranberry sauce and cornbread. And also just reflecting and giving thanks to what I have. Everyone deserves a peaceful day of the year to bicker about small stuff with their family and stuff themselves full of food. Though one year i think i’ll work at a food drive or something. I need to do more community service

The whole building had Thanksgiving dinner served in their rooms in styrofoam containers with better plastic + knives than usual because of an outbreak of some kind of flu-like illness. The turkey + dressing were pretty good. Only thing I really missed were the sweet potatoes.

The thing our third grade text books didn’t continue to say was that after the Indians’ initial gesture of friendship, we began to scalp them and pretty much proceeded to wipe them off the map under the calling of divine providence?

What muzikos said is what Thanksgiving is for today. and Kazuma, too. Those are all the experiences I remember.


You’re basically right, pob The term is Eminent Domain. Meaning that the white men thought they had a god given right to expand themselves over the whole continent and screw anything else or screw anyone else who got in the way.

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