America (land of prosperity)

Where if it aint broke, don’t fix it! And if its broke, brush it aside and find a new one,

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Happy thanksgiving MG!

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Happy Thanksgiving @anon84763962! thanks

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What do you do at Thanksgiving? Do you have any family or personal traditions? I wish we had something like that in Australia.

I had a really weird dream about bananas last night.

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yes I have a big family, we will all be having dinner together at my parents house.
The weather is chilly, the leaves are changing colors and it gets dark early here now. Its a great time to celebrate with food.

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What do you “give thanks” to, I don’t understand the holiday.

Its a celebration of the pilgrims coming to the new world and trading with the native americans. We gave them guns, and they gave us turkeys or something like that is how the story goes. Traditionally we eat turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce, gravy. Lots of good deserts like pumkin pie, its a harvest celebration too really.

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Get your creeping on America off and deal with your own

I don’t recall doing similar

Sounds delicious! Is there controversy around the holiday.

For instance, we celebrate Australia day on January 26. The day in 1788 when the first fleet arrived.

But it is also called invasion day because it’s the day when white people landed in Australia and started taking over the land from Aboriginals. Not everyone calls it invasion day.

We have bbq’s on that day. And it’s a public holiday. And a popular alternative radio station has their annual hottest 100 song count down.

This is a political post rhubot

You may be right daze, I think I went too far. @Rhubot sorry.

When you start taking classes on colonialism get back to me

woah slow your roll honey, this post isn’t political its a statement about mental health care in the US. Learn to read between the lines ;0

Ive got a college degree in History, although its European history, can you say the same?

Phewh political and everything else. Alright I hear u a.

I am coming to America in proly after 4 years…!!!

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now this is a bit political , close your eyes @Daze :wink:
yes Turtle its controversial not very but amongst academics and left wing liberals its treated with disdain due to the very same reasons that you described Australia Day.

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Thanks for talking to me about thanksgiving, I really enjoyed sharing with you about Australia day too.

yes anytime, It must be tomorrow already in Australia, Ive always wanted to go there its very popular amongst surfers and hipsters here in the states, and wealthy people that like to see amazing places. I’ve met a few Aussies in the old days. It was nice taking about our countries histories

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