Thanks to Firemonkey

Hey Firemonkey if your reading this Id like to thank you for bringing the news to everyone over the past few years, You will be missed and I hope you decide to come back one day. :slight_smile:


Hi opus…i will pm u wait…

Dude im on my way out too, regardless, if he reads this, I want to leave him with this, he really really cant take any criticism at all. Any time he faced criticism in the past what we got from him was ‘i no longer feel safe’ yaddy yahh. Or ‘i feel disrespected’ . So he needs to work on that, if he is to come back because that kind of talk is nonsense. The news is a big boys game, people will feel challenged at times and bite back, but its all par for the course. Once you report , its political , nothing wrong with it , you just need a thick skin. So thats it really…

I miss Firemonkey too. It is a shame you had to take flack. This is a site for people who have paranoid illness and the people who post should be treated with respect so they can cope with posting. Surely that is what this site is about…posting in a safe community.