Thanks reddit

Everytime i go to reddit i am discouraged in so many ways. I came across a thread that said if someone hurts you mentally you are controlled by that person, that you have no free will to not be bothered by negative people. Everyone was agreeing!

What kind of pathetic person would readily admit others control their feelings and reactions? Then get upvoted for it.

I think these people try to appear as brutally honestly Realists just to be mean and discouraging on purpose. Every thread you make is not at all for discussion but instead someone findings fallacies and debating everything.

Fron someone who thinks my emotions are controlled telepathically this was really helpful (sent me into a confusing episode where i couldnt even ground myself). Thanks reddit you are a positive place filled with pleasant people


Maybe avoid the place if it is triggering for you.

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I try to but there are some subreddits i enjoy browsing. Reddit seems to be the main place to have discussions, other forums have been heavily replaced and becoming more inactive

I gave up on using the place. Too many people posting too much garbage and it isn’t filtered out before I see it. Not worth the risk to my health.


Reddit is a huge place. I think it’s called a circle jerk where everyone agrees with each other on some topic…pretty much…

I never really got into reddit and don’t really use it anymore.

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Reddit is a network of echo chambers many of which ban you just for for participating in other subreddits

The schizophrenia subreddit is full of super scary “art”

I think it’s because their moderation just flat out sucks.


Just quit Reddit. Should’ve done it a long time ago.



I’ve had people suggest i use that forum instead.

I’m sure they’re not aware it’s so terrible.

No one would intentionally hurt someone like that.

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Reddit is mostly trash, depending largely on the subreddits one frequents.

I’ve found that nobody has their own voice or style of writing on those forums— they all belong to the hive mind and sound exactly the same.

It’s fascinatingly disconcerting.


i get a laugh on reddit sometimes

lots of crap though

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