Thanks for this forum.. It makes me feel better

I can list a few reasons. Being able to connect with people with similar problems. Researching alternative treatments for negative symptoms and seeing how they work for other people. Keeping up to date on the newest research and new drugs that hopefully will be coming out soon.

And the mods do a great job. Lets admit - it cant be easy moderating our posts when some of us at any moment could be paranoid or psychotic, or in the middle of an anxiety attack or mood swing.

I just want to say Thank You.


Awww thanks! It’s good to be appreciated!


Thanks @frencheese :slight_smile:


Hi @ninjastar, one last question. Do mods sensor the personal message also on this website?

We can’t see PMs unless we are invited, or if somebody flags something.


@frencheese what was your previous username?

Hi @spiderpig, this has been my username since I joined, I think a little less than a year ago.

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Oh sorry! :slight_smile: not seen you posting before the last couple of days so I assumed it was a username change!

I tend to lurk more than post but Im posting more lately.


I agree Go mods!

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I feel the same!

Merci beaucoup community!

Family Caregiver from Vermont


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pfft the mods… the cat sits by the tree under the moon and stars… they are all wonderful lol…

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