Hmmm, how would I describe having paranoid schizophrenia for the last 36 years?

It’s like having the worlds worst hangover every day since I was twenty and now I’m 55.


How’s the new job thing going? Do I remember right, you said you gave up check and working 2 jobs now? Did it shut up the neighborhood hecklers?

Hi Stillperkin, you have me confused with another person. I have been at my job for a few years and I will stay here for a month or two more. I haven’t worked two jobs since I was 17; over 35 years ago!!!

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Sorry for the error.

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Whats happening @77nick77 Anything serious…???

Bro I was on a real high dose of anti psychotic that made me feel that way as well. It could be the same for you. Now I’m on the lowest dose and I manage much better. Some spirituality and pot could help out as well.

My analogy was/is that it’s like being attacked by dogs repeatedly for years (approximately 37 years since the demons first attacked) Congratulations to us both, @77nick77!!! :tada: We’re the lucky ones.

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I’ve described it that way before, like having a hangover.

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I was semi-joking with this post. But, yeah some stuff is going on. Thanks for asking.

No pot for me. I’ve been clean and sober for 26 years and I plan on staying that way.

Fair enough good on you.

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Have a nice day night.