Terrified all day, every day

I feel terrified all the time, antipsychotics aren’t helping.
I feel like every thought or action has horrible consequences.
Has anyone else experienced this? Has anything helped?


Maybe they will like your pic you do that on your own cognizance.

@anon8640148 , what you’re experiencing is called ‘ideas of reference’


I had this while on seroquel and it went away on abilify.

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Wow, i didn’t think it had a name, thank you.
I am kind of uneasy about changing meds again, but i will keep it in mind.

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Have you tried benzodiazapines? You don’t say if you have a social phobia. If you’re not agoraphobic, maybe getting out would help.

I have been on them, new Prescriber took me off because she “doesn’t like prescribing them”.
I was diagnosed schizo obsessive-compulsive disorder, with agoraphobia yes.

That’s terrible! Sorry to hear you’re going through that. I’ve spent many months being afraid all of the time, but afraid of my own mind. I sure hope that something can help you. OCD-thinking sounds horrid. I hope it gets better. :grinning:

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You could try L-theanine instead of benzos

Ideas of reference can be quite paralysing.


Do you have any friends or family you can lean on for support? You can get some support on this site, but I don’t think it can replace face to face contact. Some of the SSRI anti-depressants can help some people with anxiety. Talk to your therapist about options for AP’s. Maybe you can find one of those that helps. I’ve been through periods of heavy anxiety, and I know it’s not fun.

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I live with my dad he works all day and my sisters don’t live far, but they are all working and going to school. I spent most of my time alone.
I will look into L-theanine, thank you!
I honestly don’t know Which symptoms are schizophrenia or what symptoms are OCD.
They bleed together.

thought i would say hi.
to ground myself i go for a walk in nature :deciduous_tree: …look at the birds :bird: and see the majesty of all things…it calms the mind :sunrise: .
take care :alien:


I do enjoy listening to birds too! :smile: its hard,
but when i can get out it’s worth it, thanks.


Horrible “terror tunnel” rides for many months at a time (once for almost a year) when I would finally fly off the end of the deck after a long manic run. Relentless GAD with no let up from wake up to pass out. Anti-Ds did NOT help. Benzos did NOT help. Mood levelers did NOT help. Anti-Ps didn’t either until they tried Seroquel quetiapine plus cognitive behavioral therapy, and now regular mindfulness meditation. Occasional panic attacks since then, but nothing like it used to be. Have had a pretty good last 12 years. Able to go back to school and to work, tho not full-time.

Yeah, I’m pretty unhappy at the moment. Yeah, I’ve known too much fear, it seems.

I asked one spiritual advisor, what 's the deal with fear, and she said, “Fear is the ashes of past mistakes.” In moderation, at least, ashes are good to sprinkle in the garden as fertilizer!


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I felt that way for years and still do sometimes. seroquel helps a lot. It is super relaxing and better than benzos. Though Ativan and diazepam worked for me also.

I feel the exact same way.

I feel the exact same way. God it’s awful. I can’t make decisions without thinking it is gonna affect someone else. I exercise, that is my oasis. 1 hour a day, 5k, sweat like crazy, good music. Luckily I have a gym at my home.

Omg this was like two years ago