Going through anxiety

Don’t know whether to go back on diazepam. My anxiety has shot through the roof.

I have been having anxiety about just about everything. I feel like anything could happen at any moment I’m afraid to sleep.

Don’t really know what to do about the anxiety. Supposed to start driving again soon but even being in the car creates anxiety.

Seeing my doctor in March regarding driving I shall bring this up to her.


I’m sorry to hear that. I have anxiety also. I hope you get better.


I take (a lot) of L-theanine for anxiety. I’m on abilify which can cause anxiety as a side effect. It works for me.


Depakote is helping quell down some of my anxiety.
It’s doing a better job than Klonopin.


I’ve read that propranolol can help with anxiety. You can talk to your doctor about it. Maybe it’s safer than a benzo, I don’t know.

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I take diazepam. I use it at night and sometimes during the day when I am alone. My pdoc is hoping that getting on clozapine will allow me to get off it altogether.

Anxiety is the pits. I hope that, whatever your doctor and you decide on, it works out. Feel better.


Anxiety suckzzz!!!

Hope you will get good help.



I’m waiting for a call back from the doctor today. Hopefully I will get some help or advice today because it really has been terrible the last few days. I do t want to have to go back on diazepam and at this point I feel like a massive dose of it is the only thing that would work it’s so bad.

Perhaps there is an alternative but I feel a bit hopeless right now. Willing to try though.

I’ll get the Theanine going again. I didn’t really give it a chance before. How long does it take to have an effect?


The affect of it is so minor it’s not even worth taking it

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