Hello. How has your temper changed through out all the meds you have tried? On risperdal I was like a zoo panda. But on seroquel I feel like my temper is more like a Grizzly. Most of us have that instinct to defend ourselves which may bring out aggression. I feel I rather go through aggression than be timid. Because when your timid people think your weak. In MMA class I took in 2009 I overpowered most my classmates. There was this one dude who weighed 287lb. Sometimes I’d win sometimes he’d win. I also lost in sparring to much clever opponents. Meds change one’s body language, and social abilities. There are times when it is clever to be submissive. And there are times to just roar, grunt, and growl to get your point across. Don’t forget even though you got a roof over your head, water, and constant supply of food not to back down because when you step out in the wild they will be judging you. Have a good one.

This is interesting! I have two belts in Krav Maga, and I was working on my third belt when I quit due too many symptoms while training. I was outstanding because I read the textbooks and knew the stuff ahead of me, in a free sparring session I beat everyone except my head instructor and a huge over 225 guy who pinned me. I was extremely aggressive while unmedicated and now when I train on my bags, I am still with it but not vicious like I used to be. My uncle saw me training in my backyard this summer and told me that I “fight like a ####ing demon” so I guess I still have it. I was the smallest and youngest, I was very skilled and passed my belt tests the first time without any problems. I was 165 and 5’7 when I was in training. Now Im 170 5’7. I might be a little heavier, I weighed myself last after a workout, which is usually a little less than your actual weight.

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Vicious demon I wouldn’t want to mess with one of those! Humanity keeps us when we go out in public of showing our natural aggression. Women can just submit to it on some occasions like apes is why i believe evolution is so real. In mma class when light sparring with my instructor he nicknamed me Bear Diesel. I wouldn’t do a rear naked choke right I’d just wrap my arms around my opponents neck like a bear choke. One opponent was going for a guillotine it just set me off with aggression and he froze and he tapped out to my rear naked choke. A lost pit bull was in our neighbors yard making my dogs bark and I did a bluff charge and it retreated but it stared at me I think it won that one. I used to be mean and it would lose control but now I realize nature and body language communication better and improving still. That’s why combat sports is so fun for some people it brings out your wild side so to speak. Later.

I am on risperdal, and it makes me look calm, relaxed and naive. Before people would fear me, now with this med, some try to show aggression, by targeting me thinking i may be weak, some day i am going to stop taking med, and show who truly i am, i am sure after that they will think twice before they talk to me, but with risperdal i cant.

Fear the quiet unassuming confidant one. I have learned over the years the aggressive people are really hard and crunchy on the outside in the attempts to keep others from discovering they are too soft on the inside.
Assertive is good, aggression is not, but that’s just my thought.

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Aggression won’t work in every situation. Definitely not in front of a police officer. I admit assertiveness is kind of a more human means of assertion rather than taking it back to simply ape like aggression which homo sapien are definitely good at. Aggression is getting what you want by force. I’m not aggressive because I’m soft on the inside. I’m actually mean and pissed on the inside. Only when my symptoms are that way… Take Care

I was pretty aggressive on SSRI antidepressants, as well as SNRI AD’s as well, such as Venlafaxine (Efexor).

I was even more aggressive on a drug called Concerta for ADHD. Man, I was one angry mofo. I’d talk ■■■■ in bars and practically ask to get into fights with people. I got kicked out of 6 bars while on Concerta.

Now that my diagnosis has changed, I take Risperidone. Yeah it makes you a zombie but it does stabilise you. I never mess with anyone now and I am cool with the law.

I know my dose is low when I start not getting out of people’s way. Heck at Walmart they bump into you. I rather choose a tame medicated life than a risky low dose one. It’s hard for a SZ person to be themselves. And no bully cop will ever understand until funding is done for education in dealing with the MI. Your going to see more unjust killings.

This is so True. My sis will bring flats of water to homeless camps and try and take on everyone’s problems. She is a sucker for sad stories and underdogs. Being the only girl in the family and on her beach guard team, I think she tries to make up for it. She is much more macho then I am. She is alway more willing to jump into the fray then I am.

Before I was diagnosed I had a very loving overall temperament. I was on XTC more often then not so I loved everyone all the time. But when I ended up in hospital and I didn’t have it anymore, or I do remember before I knew what it was… I had periods of deep rages and anger. But it would snap. I’d be happy… happy… happy… Out of control, un-stoppable rage until I passed out.