Tell me your success on abilify depot

Im in denial and have ocd about side effects which in return makes me non compliant with my meds so im gonna have to get shots if i want to get better.

Been on it for a few years, works really well for me

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What symptoms does it help you with? Negatives at all? This zyprexa is causing memory problems

Ive been having terrible intrusive thoughts as well… i think they call it pure ocd

I’m on Abilify Maintena 400mgs each month.

I’ve had a lot of success with it in terms of delusions and voices,

But its not great with my OCD and it makes me feel flat and over medicated.

I got crippling anxiety after about 2 months on it,

Now that’s controlled with a different medication.

All in all, its a pretty good drug, but I’m not completely satisfied with it.

Thats terrible about the anxiety… damn now im leary cause ive heard from several people who say it causes anxiety… i cant tell much difference between my paranoia and anxiety as they go hand in hand

You just have to try and see how things work for you,

Everyone is different and not everyone gets anxiety on it.

It helps me with depression and paranoia , racing thoughts to name a couple

Niiiiice. What about disorganized thinking?

Does it help organize your thoughts?

Does it help disorganized thinking?

I think so.

But disorganized thinking wasn’t a huge issue for me.

Did you ever have intrusive thoughts?

Like OCD thoughts?

Yes, I have them all the time.

Did the abilify calm them

A little,

But not much for me.

I read its good for ocd but most people say it doesn’t work

You’ll never know if it works for you unless you try it.

I have the ocd of intrusive thoughts and hoping the abilify will help…

Do you feel medicated?