Meds change. Help with abilify insights

I was told by my pdocs, that in about a month and half I 'll be put on abilify depot 400.
Were you on it? How was the body adjusting at the beginings?
Could you work? Mood simptoms?

Pls share.


I’m on Abilify. It’s great for me. I take 5-10mg tablets. I love it it’s a good med for some.

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Im on it for 16 weeks now, it is good for anger but causes some agitation for me. But like the third hour of absorption sorts that


Are you on depot @Superdry ? I find the 400 dosage kinda high. I am most intrested in the begining of usage.

Thanks @ThePoet. You seem to be in a good shape and I like that. Respect.


I was on 400mg of abilify every 3 weeks but it never helped me

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No im not, im on 15mg a day. it does make me anxious for like an hour after taking it.

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thanks man! its a real struggle so i appreciate your comment :slight_smile: hope youre doing well

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It is a strugle for a normal man to keep in a good shape. Due to meds it must you have a super mental power to overcome that.

@Crystal-Cotton what did not help you with? And how did you feel at first?

Thanks guys for sharing!

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lol thanks i appreciate it :grin: :grin:

That’s what I’m on. It’s been great. I have no complaints comparatively to risperdal and clozapine

Clozapine sucks. Blured vision and uncontrolable binging.
What dosage are you taking @FreeLunch ?


I’m on the top dose of Abilify which I think is 400 mg the shot

I hated clozapine

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It didnt help with paranoia

@Crystal-Cotton you mentioned taking a calculus class.

Flash quiz.
What is the derivative of log(5x³) ?


i haven’t started it yet so i dunno sorry :disappointed:

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It’s ok, if you wish I can explain what derivatives are.

Good luck!

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ok sure explain

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Ok. Are you familiar with functions? What about limits?

E.g. f(x) = 2x + 3

Some functions are differentiable, some are not.

A function f is differentiable in a if the limit below exists and is finite:

Limit, when b tends to become a, of [f(b) - f(a)] / (b - a).

If f is differentiable over its domain, then there exists another function, called “derivative of f”, having the same domain, computed in any point by finding the limit mentioned above.


f(x) = 2x + 3

Limit, when b approaches a, of [f(b) - f(a)] / (b - a), is:
[(2b+3) - (2a+3)] / (b - a) = [2(b - a)] / (b - a) = 2.

So, we found that the derivative of f(x) is 2, whatever the value of x. In other words, using the notation f’ for the derivative:

f(x) = 2x + 3
f’(x) = 2

Can you now find f’(x), for f(x) = 5x - 7 ?



Yes we had functions in school. Limits not so much yet

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Is it 5 or -2


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