Tell me about your relationship with your mother

Believe me, I’ve said it all and done it all to my mother

and so has she

we have never held grudges, and we’re over it in a couple of days.


My mother died when I was 13. I had a wicked stepmother though. Well she was nice in some ways. We always had good makeup and nice clothes bc of her.

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It took a lot to make my mother(birth) mad. She was real soft spoken.

Mine is dead and our relationship gets that much better every year.


Was she mean to you or something?

My mother and I are very close.

I love her dearly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She is the light of my life.


It is bad. She has conveniently forgotten everything that ever happened growing up and is nice now. Outwardly and through my actions and words try to be nice back and keep the peace but on the inside I’m still in pain from the past and bitter. I’ve tried for like the last 12-13 years to just completely forgive and move on but it still hurts.

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I loved my mom to bits. She always came up for me. I was her blue eyed boy. It was a great loss for me when she died in Dec 1999. She could always spare me a few bucks when I was struggling to make ends meet… Even though I drank and smoked.


My Mother is 86 years old suffers with dementia and wheelchair bound, she is very frail and has lost her memory.
I love her very much even though she barely recognizes me.

It’s tough to see her this way.


She allowed her boyfriend to repeatedly rape me when I was younger, and sometimes participated. I hope she’s shoveling ■■■■ in hell.

My Mom was great.

Since she died, I listen to one sister who says she wasn’t a good Mom. We rewrite history . . .

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My mom and I had a strained relationship. She died in 2010 so there’s no fixing it.

Sounds like you have an honest relationship with your mom, @Daze. I think that’s the best.
My mom and I had a complicated relationship but loved each other very much. She’s been gone nine years now and I miss her. As I’m learning more about her from one of my older sisters, I’m learning how much I’m like her. I wish I had known more while she was still here, but there’s so much she didn’t tell me.

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I’m sorry. 151515

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It’s good ."…

My dad had custody of my sister and I when I was young so I didn’t know my mother well either. She was quiet and told corny jokes. She had a lot of friends. She liked men. And men liked her.

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We had some rough times but I know she didn’t understand what was going on with me. Now we have a wonderful relationship. She is 85 and filled with life


I should have known my mom well. As it turns out, she was a lot like me and struggled with her sanity. But, she never told me about her struggles and I thought she didn’t understand mine. It’s a shame. We could have been closer.

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How old were you when she died?

She passed just nine years ago. I was 43.
I’m so sorry you lost your mom so young, @Loke. Being a mom myself I can only think that she didn’t want to leave you. :heart: