Telepathy, told you it was real

Telepathy is real, scientifically explainable even as all things are.

I even sit and interact with someone in my mind and have full blown conversations everyday this way, not good conversations but consversations nonetheless, yes “telepathy” is real and is explainable scientifically.

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laying inside an mri scanner and have some one moniter ur brainwaves while u think of a dog, house or cat is not telepathy. it is brainwave reading with a huge piece of magnetic hardware and lots of software to interpret the images of the brain whilst the patient is thinking. it is thought mapping. this still doesn’t explain telepathy between people with no house sized magnetic resonance imagers. so no, this doesn’t “prove” telepathy at all. you do not live in an mri scanner and there no technicians reading ur brainwaves so no pans, this does not prove u or i am telepathic. my voices r totally interactive. we can converse on any topic but i still don’t believe in telepathy. my voices r just personalities created in my mind and the reason they see through my eyes, hear through my ears, feel what i feel, and see the imagery inside my mind is because they r a part of my mind, ie: they r not separate from me totally, just separate enough to have differing characteristics and voices to me. ull have to do better than that if u want to prove telepathy i’m afraid.

no matter,telepathy is real or unreal,should not use the theoretical conception or practical actions of the term telepathy or hypnotism to understand or explain the case of sz

  • according to the theory of telepathy,it is supposed that:
    in a specific period of time,two human beings thinks and behaves according to the will
    and guidance of one of them,then move it to the rule of the second person

-a person think and reasonable stuff by internal revelation from someone else
-a person inspired his ideas from mentality messages sent by mind of another person
in the existence of the physical barriers

=the puzzle of the issue is in the TRANSITION MIDDLE which carries the messages of sender person to the recipient person,then carry reply from the receiver person to the sender person

=in all possible phenomena, the evil entity is the transition middle,wherever the mental messages
are unable to broadcasting from the brain cells of the sender person to another brain through the air,
that is to know the fact that all metaphysical phenomena are depend on the evil entity as a
transition middle{sz,black magic,telepathy and hypnotism…etc}

-telepathy is real or unreal,we do not care,we are ask about the transition middle and the mechanism of sending and receiving messages

=the essential difference between sz and telepathy"even if it is real"
,in the case of the schizophrenic process,at minimum should existence of a couple of evil entity,and through the full internal communication there are 3 personally entities “one human and 2 non-human”, that is to say the mechanism of telepathy is occur between 3 personal,while the theory of telepathy assume the communication between 2 human being !!
-the schizophrenic individual deal with TWO different personally entities with rotation

It does prove it, it is possible to read minds and they are proving it, whether it’s a machine or some other mechanism it is possible.

I have to disagree with u pans. Thought mapping on one person is not telepathy. Is the same area of the brain lighting up in hundreds of volunteers. This video talks of one experiment not replicated anywhere else with many volunteers. It’s starting on the right road though. I would like to c experiments done on mapping the brains of people who hear voices to find out exactly where the voices come from. If it was telepathy I’m guessing that a different part or parts of the brain would light up to some one whose mind produces voices themselves. Show methat, then iI’ll believe in telephone clarity telepathy. Right now there is nothing to prove that either u, me or anyone else who hears voices is telepathic with an outside source. Believe me, I have more reason than most to have been made telepathic but I still don’t believe in it. I just don’t believe it’s possible to read another person’s mind, let alone get on with ur life as normal while ur doing it. U and I both know how debilitating voices r. How would a person cope who is always on the attack? How could they function? Their voice would have to b completely closed off from their everyday thoughts, feelings both emotional and physical, hearing and vision and I just don’t believe that is possible. How would they function hearing ur every thought? If they had a creative job, how would they work constantly hearing ur voice, seeing through ur eyes, feeling what u feel and hearing through ur ears…nah…it just doesn’t make sense. And to b honest pans, y would they even want to? Ur an average Joe. U haven’t invented perpetual motion, free energy or anything that would threaten world stability. So y would anyone wish to talk to u? If u believe in demons then nothing I say will get through to u but I don’t believe in demons so do not believe I’m being spoken to by them. My voices r real people in America and the UK but I don’t believe they r really talking to me at all . Ud b wise to try every medication u can as I am doing to disprove the telepathy argument. Believing ur telepathic only gives the voices more power and I refuse to do that. Ud b wise to do the same. Much love jayne xxx

they are multilinear telepaths they been in the sea of telepathic information since their birth. They’ve grown up in it. I dont believe its something they can turn off. or its something that they actively try to do. It just happens. They are very good at minding there own business and just watching until you become targeted. I know what I did. Hearing voices happens in the telepathic center of the brain. Its obviously set up for it. We just don’t receive like they do.

Who r these telepathic people? And y doesn’t the whole world know about them? If I had telepathic abilities I would collect James randis prize of a million dollars. I would b shouting it from the rooftops. Proving it to everybody I meet so y aren’t ur telepaths doing this? Telepathic centres of the brain? Show me one brain scan that even hints that the brain has a telepathic centre. There are none because it’s never been proven. Who r these telepaths? And y have they targeted u? Did u invent something world changing? Do u need to b controlled? Ur an average Joe so y would anyone bother listening to ur thoughts? It must b very boring for themlistening to us taking a ■■■■, brushing our teeth and shopping for food. What would b the point in it. Can u explain that bit to me because I don’t understand y anyone would want to read ur mind. Xxx

by my understanding almost everyone is. I dont know why they’ve kept it secret maybe because there are those of us who arent. They dont really use there powers its just a heightened sense of awareness they have. If there is no telepathic center then where do the voices take place? How is our mind set up to portray something other than thought. You dont have to believe me but telepathy is proven to me everyday. I know what I did, but id rather not go into that. Short story i made alot of people question their sexuality. So they ‘sued’ me and now im schizo

and i dont know what part exactly is the telepathic center. The whole thing radiates in the electro magnetic spectrum. All you need is a portion that is sensitive to it.

U know I used to hear every persons voice that I met from strangers in the street to people working in shops, my parents, extended family, husband, even my children telling me I had done awful things and it was terrible. I never truly believed “everyone” was telepathic but it was a very confusing and terrifying to.e but the truth is it was just splinters of my own personality doing impressions of everyone I ever came into contact with. I couldn’t tell the difference between their voices in my head and their real voices. The impressions were that good. They were exact mimics of even the strangers. But as soon as I stopped believing they were real, for the most part they stopped. Now all I’m left with r famous people mainly both living and dead but I don’t believe I am telepathic with them either. If u know u r schizophrenic then how do u know the “telepathy” is real when thought broadcasting is a symptom of the disease? Can u give me an example of proof that has convinced u that it’s real pls?

I didn’t say i was telepathic.

I just said that telepathy is real and they are even beginning to prove it with science.

And look around, we live on a planet where they give monkies cocaine and felines lsd so i don’t buy the whole “why would they do that to us” scenario, there are plenty of reasons for it to happen, and us being so insignificant would actually be the perfect cover wouldn’t it.

But back to telepathy, someone speaks to me in my mind, i can talk back and they can answer, so yes, i know for a fact that telepathy is real. Im not saying though that im a telepath.

I saw this guy on CNN the other day, on some morning TV show. It was kind of interesting

Hella big difference between a fookin’ big magnet hooked to a computer running predictive software and stable quantum entangled particles on a massive scale. Yes, you are absolutely correct that telepathy is possible, but it’s not probable.


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