If telepathy was real

Then hospitals and police officers would use it to communicate right?

Telepathy is not real. The police and hospitals are not communicating about you.


There is no Telepathy. But we do have intuition. Thats what gives us bad vibes, when we are in a dodgy situation.


I tied myself up in knots listening to other peoples minds

Took a very long time to NGAS about it


It’s not a real thing…

During psychosis I had tones of “telepathic” delusions, and they made me act really strangely.

Thanks God (literally) that no one can read my mind. The only truly private thing I have


Ohhh I love intuition topic. It saved me for hundreds times.
Not talking about paranoia now

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I used to believe in telepathy, it’s one my Achilles heals.


Im sure i know why telepathy delusion is so common. Its a viable excuse for the paranoia and the thought broadcasting some of us have.

Theres an element of grandiose behaviour about it as well. Like im more powerful than you are.


that would not be practical. it would be too confusing. I cant imagine that happening.

What if they used nanotechnology in the brain for a synthetic form of telepathy? If we could read brain waves with them and also try to mimic electrical impulses to control the brain. This is only futuristic of the human race could do in the future of course if we felt like it but there would be laws in place to prevent such actions taking place. So if telepathy could take place it would only be synthetic forms of telepathy.

But hospitals would use this technology if it existed right?

Telepathy is not real, at least not at this time. There is no nanotechnology that can do this now and there likely won’t be for some time. Please do not feed this user’s delusional thinking @NM156. I am closing this topic as I sense it is about to go down a rabbit hole.