Telepathy, aliens reptilians, auras and sinchronicities


So i want to know how many people here believes in telepathy, aliens, reptilians, auras and why.
I do because i was mind readed by some people, aliens because mythology and ufos, reptilians because there are lots of this people who can read minds, auras because i heard someone who mind readed me about auras (i didnt gave a f*uck about spirituality back then) and sinchronicities because personal experiences.


Those are delusions. Are you taking antipsychotics at the moment?


Nobody can read minds or auras. You’re having delusions dude. Inform your doctor.


sounds like some sort of sci fi film or something


I think you’re suffering from too much sci-fi crap, but I’m not a psychartist so I don’t know.


i think a lot of these films gives us ideas, its a bit like the Truman Delusion, you watch the Truman show and next thing you know you think you are living in an actual Truman show, its not nice and i know someone who has had this.


A way of escapism -


for a long time i thought i had telepathy and mind readed experiences. I was living with these thoughts but then i started to realise i was the only one in my relationships with other people that i believed that(that we talk from distance or send our thoughts or read each others feelings or even feel each others feelings). They didnt know anything about that,but they listened to me when i was talkin about that,anyway .suddenly, it started happening with almost everybody on the road, at television programms between the guests there etc) . i thought like it was the secret of life i started to realise now i m getting was so true (but unfortunately or better fortunately ,only in my mind!!). because i had interested at past about supernatural things it was hard for me to realise it was just a “game of my mind” and not the general truth!!Firts I thought it was a power from a specific music ,dance and religion and other things,combination …that i gained ,me and other persons who had involved with the same we had that supernatural situation . But later i felt it was happening with my parents or people i knew they hadn;t involed with things like that .After a long and exhausted time(as i see now), now i know it wasnt true it was some psychotic syptoms that made these thoughts so strong and felt so real . Actually it was real,but only MY reality , the way i getted life for a while beacause of pathologically reasons(do you get me???).


And lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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