Reptilian house

Hello, due to my sz i believe in reptilians (they are like humans in form). They have telepathy. I experienced it and was so real, also i have predicted what the TV was going to say or even radio’s music. It feels so real, this month I am in 2y of sz. They stalked me. I want to know if someone had similar experiences and how did you overcome it. Also voices of my head didnt want me to know who they really were and at first they wanted me to believe they were aliens. I could make a film about my delusions probably.

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My voices predicted what was gonna be on the tv in 5 second delays, is that similar to you? It really freaked me out and I haven’t gotten over it yet

Do you take medicine and have you seen a doctor recently to tell him these things?

Personally, I believe in reptilians (have had experiences in my past lives – I believe in past lives), and have had negative encounters with grey aliens.

I believe there is little evidence and maybe in your case you sound delusional because you have these predictions about the TV and radio. I do not.

I cant predict what’s on TV but I remember what was on TV in my past lives that were actually parallel universes. I get pictures in my head when I look at the news on the TV. It makes me feel schizophrenic.

Yes to both questions. Im pretty delusional.

Similar, yes. But cant hear voices now, it was a thought. I dont usually watch TV. Also was thinking in a song and the next radio’s song was the one i was thinking about. Is this normal then?

Yeah that sounds pretty normal, more like just a coincidence

I’ve had similar delusions about the voices being telepathic aliens. As for Reptilians. I hadn’t given it much thought. When I think about aliens I think there are so many forms. Some are frightening others not so much. Surprisingly not many of them are negative in my delusions and auditory hallucinations.

I think it is a common delusion that logically tries to explain the voices. The television talking to people has been happening probably since the invention of television. The same with the radio I think. At least to 1 in 100. It is part of the illness and not real. The mind sometimes wants to believe it’s real. After about 10 years with the illness, wanting to believe it is real happens rarely. It is more that I have accepted I have this illness and so I’ve grown accustomed to coping with it.

My mother has RH negative blood

and if you read up on it, there is historical significance
related being reptilian, or even lined to aliens. She has scoliosis.

My mother is also devout Catholic, so throw that into the mix.

I don’t know if I have RH negative blood or not, but some dude in group keeps calling me a nordic alien lol. :space_invader:Can’t tell if he’s joking, serious, or just delusional. He’s a cool guy though.

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