Teacher trauma

I had one teacher, the principal of the school in my childhood. I was just a little child whose grades were bad, but my English teacher made me to realize that I can learn, which soon elevated my grades in all subject matters. This principal of the school tried to make me to stop reading and educating myself by telling my mother that she should tell me to read less. Although I was just a little kid I understood this and how he tried to prevent my advancement. This same man told all kids at the class room not to speak bad words behind people’s backs, but at the same time he had told bad words about me to my father in a local bar where he, the teacher, often went. Once in 1986 when I was on a local bus he came to me and said that computers are not the future although I played with my little computer every day. When I arrived at my little town in 2002 as a grown man who had traveled in the world, this same man, the principal of that school died within few months and I did not cry. A man who told about his death died too few years ago. Maybe it was just the God. Of course, everybody uses computers today and more advanced computing technologies are being developed now and in the future.

Yeah I had some teacher trauma as well…

I had a fifth grade teacher who taught both math and social studies at this pretentious private school I went to. This teacher was just out of college and not very mature at all. He used to talk about how he liked to eat “funny mushrooms” on the weekends. But he also bullied me as well as encouraged some other kids to bully me too. The bullying was due to the fact that I didn’t attend his regular math class and instead went to see a math tutor during this time. So he would single me out and pick on me in his social studies class, despite the fact that this was always my strongest subject. He’d ask me math questions in front of the other kids knowing I didn’t have the answer and he’d get the other kids laughing at me.
He was allowed to get away with his cruelty as he was also this schools star soccer coach and they were winning games so nobody cared if he talked about illegal drugs and bullied the occasional student…

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A bad teacher or principal can wreak havoc with a young child’s learning, especially if the subject is math. I had an eighth grade algebra teacher that ruined me for math.