When you were in school

what was the worst thing your teacher said too you?

My music teacher told that I could not join a choir because I could not sing. I was just 10 years old. Too bad I could have been a great rock star. :smile:

My 9th grade algebra teacher said the only thing id ever be good for was cheap sex…Back then I was well muscled and athletic, but I hated math. She thought I was stupid, well I proved her wrong by getting a perfect math score on my SATs…in fact my SAT scores were the second highest in the school. They actually froze my scores and investigated because they thought I cheated

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Oh boy. Well, I was in art 1 class. I was unmedicated and psychotic. I would speak gibberish and apparently not listen to the rules. My art was sort of crazy.

Once another art teacher from the class on over came in and started talking to me. He was nice and I think he found what I was saying amusing. My teacher came over and said

“Don’t talk to Sharp, she’ll get you sucked into her messed up, creepy world.”

I wasn’t trying anything just wanted to have a friend.

This hurt my feelings because she said it out loud for everyone to hear, and the other teacher walked away and didn’t talk to me again after that.

This is the same teacher that had me go stand in the dark-room when I was having a semi-episode. I hated that class.

i nearly got expelled …

Plenty of things were bad.

“You’re not done yet?” in third grade when i was the last one to finish math

“We don’t steal” In reaction to my comment (of someone stole my pencil) that I picked up when I was in city schools

“Shut up” repeated this several times even though the room was so silent you could hear a pin drop

One teacher: "He was actually crying because of what you’re doing."
■■■■■■■ teacher: “He probably faked it!”

I wish I knew. I’ve blanked it all out. I wasn’t one of the class bad boys but then I also wasn’t one of the class elite.

I ve wrote an essaie where i wasin admiration with the modern civilization. the illness was there already I guess… then the teacher told me that the modern civilization brought quite terribles things for the humanity…
the other bad thing were my bad notes. my father always wanted from me only good notes and I was a good collegian but yes, the bad notes were forbidden at home :/.

Stand in front of the class and talk to them.
Find a partner
Introduce yourself to the class…anxiety attacks

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