TD/Parkinson's Relief

At first my psych doc prescribed 2 mg of Cogentin. Then, he added 75 mg of Benadryl(Banophen). He said it was safe to take them together. I’ve been taking this combo for about 3 months. The mouth quivering/smacking is moderate and the hand tremors pretty much went away once I started the Benadryl. What are you thoughts about this? Has anyone else heard of this combo. BTW my AP is Invega 117mg every 3 weeks.

How long have you been on invega?

I vaguely recall reading something about benadryl and movement problems, but I can’t remember anything in detail.

Both cogentin and Benedryl are anticholinergic. They should do same thing.

I had TD, sticking my tongue out of the mouth
Now I have a milder form, dystonia maybe,
I jerk suddenly my head.
Akineton was prescribed to me

This was when I was taking very high
doses of risperidone.

When I had signs of TD they immediately switched my anti-psychotic. After some time the TD went away. I did take cogentin for awhile, but I don’t use it anymore. I have it as a prn.

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I have td. Mild. I’m not on any meds, the doc said if I wasn’t bothered by the TD, we’d avoid extra meds.


I’ve been on Invega for 4 years

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There is a drug called Ingrezza that might help.

Carbidopa/Levodopa might help.

Try to see a neurologist as well as a psychiatrist.