Tanning the skin to look dark

I might use the tanning beds soon…my skin goes dark…


Don’t use tanning beds, homie,

There is a reason those things look like coffins.

Image result for tanning bed coffin


I will take my chances homie sure its the same as the sun////////////////the risk is a trill

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moderation is key…I look more handsome dark, skinned…so that’s nice…pool table…

Have you seen me?

I wear 90SPF every single day,

Because the sun will slowly murder you to death…

Those things cause cancer pedro. Can’t you just use some kind of tanning lotion instead?

did you ever go to the beach on a sunny island and there all in the sun tanning?

no no they can ‘‘trigger’’ cancer in people predisposed to developing ‘‘cancer’’

The sun and tanning beds are different. Tanning beds have a different type of UV radiation that is more damaging to skin.

in moderation both the sun and sunning beds are OK

For tanning beds, moderation means about fifteen minutes once a week.

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I know all about it…too many politic correct in society anyone ever hear of 'freewill

It’s not political correctness. It’s concern over your health. Obviously you have free will, but the people who care about you want to make sure you know all the risks before you choose to do something that will harm you.

Pedro aren’t you Mexican or something? Do you really need a tanning bed? I bet you’re darker than all el blancos where you live.

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I live in California, man.

The beach is right down the street.

Tanning is out of fashion right now on account of all the cancer it’s causing.

Right now everyone is using self tanning kits or spray tans.

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Donald Trump wears a spray tan… am i correct?

Hes awfully orange


He is a walking talking dorito

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Haha cheese flavour

It’s a potent orange

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This whole thread is halarious.

tanning beds are 10 - 20 minutes for only 1 time a week. Yes there are people out there who over do it, if you want to buy extra tan they will sell for the money. Just do the normal, no extras.

But the sun is free. Dont you have a porch, balcony? you could spend 10 minutes every other day out there if you want? free.

The beds do have an abnormal amount of Uv-a & Uv-b light colorband waves. (They are more damaging to the skin). They are the same lights used for pet turtles so the turtles shell wont grow all funky shapes.

This why turtles must spend so much time in the sun. We dont need that much which is why the tanning bed make people so dark so fast.

Tasty minnows anyone???