Which looks better...?

tanned or pale…?

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I like girls from all races and colors. Black, yellow, white, tanned etc They’re all sexy.

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It depends on the rest of the person. Their facial features, their hair and eye colour, what kinds of clothes they wear, etc.

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i find tinted women sexier

Naturally tan looks good on a lot of people, but I think fake tan screams “I want attention and I don’t care how I get it”

I have very fair skin.

I think it looks good in contrast with my dark hair.

It’s always best to go with your natural color and not try to alter it,

Tanning is bad for you, as is bleaching.


there is a lot of stuff bad for u…kk…not only tanning

No you don’t understand.
Tanning causes Cancer.

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I think artificial tanning causes cancer but not natural one from the sun if you use UV cream.

It really often depends on a type of hair you have… dark hair goes well with a tan while gingers and blondes look good pale

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ive olive skin and tan every summer

Depends on the woman. I like them all.

i like a bit of a tan. i get about an hour of yard work each day which gives me plenty of sun. i don’t like to lay in the sun and just tan though, i have to be mowing or weeding and watering the garden or cutting up downed trees. it’s brutal to just lay in the sun i think.

i’ve always preferred to work outside.

I hate the sun 1515151515

I love pale on women. Tanned on men.

I have naturally light olive skin. I get compliments on it all of the time. I don’t like it though. I was born with it. I love porcelain skin on women. Most of my women have had it. And I’ve loved it on them.

I prefer blondes. I like pale and tan.

I’ve always preferred dark haired women to blondes. But, I don’t turn them down.

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Fair skin, dark hair and red lips. There is no better combination.

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I have always thought pale skin is more attractive. I think a lot of people are starting to connect having a tan with being unhealthy.

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