Sunbathing for 3 hours

sunbathing for 3 hours and it tinted my face and arms darker

I only tan my face and arms in the summer months


Sun Safety | Skin Cancer | CDC.


I’ll take my chances

sunshine on the skin is full of vitamin D

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After three hours of sunbathing I would be red.

That’s all I can say :smiley:

Why you don’t just use a fake spray tan is beyond me.

Sunbathing is idiotic.

I love tannin quite obsessed with it in the summer months

face and arms does me, tannin I feel more attractive coloured

Excessive sun bathing is terrible for your skin. Be careful.

summer only, and moderation is key

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They lopped a pre-cancerous thingie off me last year. I am careful in the sun now.


I wear SPF every freaking day.

3 hours is a great way to get leathery, wrinkly skin and skin cancer.

How Little Doses of Sunlight Help the Body.

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I don’t usually sunbathe but I don’t hide from the sun either, except during extremely hot summer days. I never use lotion, but I do wear a cap, to avoid heatstrokes.
3 hours in a mild April sunshine sounds acceptable, but some skins are more sensitive than others.

Just wait until you reach the age where you have to hide from Girl Scouts selling cookies.

Those wonderful little cookies.




sz, com bared sunbathing what will I do

For your daily dose of vitamin D you only need about 10 minutes of sun and sunscreen can help protect you from cancer

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Sun tan is skin damage. It’s not desirable and if you like the look your better off with a spray tan. Yeah your doing ok now but I’m 53 soon and I’m constantly getting things cut out of me and I’ve good skin. I tan and don’t really burn but I’m paying the price now.


I feel more attractive when I sunbathe

If you rub Johnsons baby lotion into your skin you tan quicker.

It puts the lotion in the basket.

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