Taming the world's leading killer: high blood pressure


I have high blood pressure.
I take 2 different meds for it but it still hovers in the 140 range.

My problem is that I love my foods to be on the salty side.


Gotta be a pain with high blood pressure and diabetes. I know I have a hard enough time resisting foods that will raise may blood sugar.(I often succumb)

And who doesn’t love salt!


I don’t have high BP. But sometimes I come out as prediabetic on blood test results. I gotta be careful.


LS! My weight is 300 lbs. And my age is 63. But I exercise three hours daily. Last time at the GP my blood pressure was 120/75!


My bp has been fine until recently, but i think the effects of certain things + age is catching up with me .

Anxiety/dehydration/chronic backache/very sedentary/have been averaging about 4-5 hours sleep a night the last 4 weeks or so/ . I use lo-salt, but still probably have too much.

My stepdaughter says my blood pressure on Thursday may have been due to anxiety because my granddaughter was late picking me and the backache(chronic backache can result in raised bp) standing waiting for her. Being how I am the bp result on Thursday has made me more than a little anxious.

My blood pressure is being taken regularly, and I’m second guessing/ getting anxious a lot of the time it’s taken.


How can you exercise three hours i would die, i only exercise for 30 minutes.

Lol i like salt too.

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LS! Hi oe 1489! I build it up gradually. Like this morning I went to the gym 15 minutes walking, 40 minutes strength training leg press, pec deck, back row, belly blaster, 20 minutes cardio bicycling, 15 minutes walking back home. Next I try to walk 10000 steps during the day I am now at 4301. And I do 30 minutes Vinyasa yoga. Totalling three hours.

Went to bed earlier last night . Just before midnight. Slept about 7 hours. BP has just been taken. 1st = 126/84 pulse 98
2nd= 130/82 pulse 77.

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The blood pressure and pulse so far-

127 100 80
144 103 85
136 94 85
126 84 98
130 82 77
134 85 108
111 83 109
118 84 108

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I take three blood pressure meds every morning. I think my blood pressure is now in control.


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