Talking down a delusion... (ideas?)

It’s NONE of my business at all… But I’m feeling compelled to do something. I do feel bad now for being so unsupportive.

I remember there was a thread on how to help talk someone down from a delusion, but I can’t find it now… If anyone remembers that thread, where is it? …Trying to be supportive of a fellow struggler. At first what was annoying is now becoming sad and I wish I would have helped sooner.

This may be one of them:

Try not to feel bad. This is a learning experience for you so don’t judge yourself for reacting the way most people would.


Thank you for that. I just get so nauseous about over the top non-stop braggers. It’s sets my teeth on edge. I can’t hear anything they have to say or see past the obnoxious and constant bragging. It almost borders on bullying it feels… (I’ve just got to come back one more time and tell you how much better I am then all of you.)

I hate to say it, but I threw my sisters lack of SZ in her face. I did tell her that because she’s not SZ she wouldn’t know. But since I am SZ, I would know.

I didn’t know this, but she kept the hand of friendship open after I told her to close it. Plus, she kept her heart more open then I did and saw the situation more clearly and saved him from physically drowning again. That got him to a doctor this morning, so maybe now he can stop mentally drowning.

I just have to remember… one doesn’t have to be suffering to recognize suffering. My sis did a wellness check on him when she got off duty. I’m really proud of her for that. Really disappointed in myself for my impatient conclusions.

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There are times when my son’s ego truly gets to me and he’s my son… Like I said don’t be too hard on yourself. <3

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Don’t feel bad. I was going to recommend you have the police pick him up which would not have been fun for him.
I’m glad he is getting help.

At least you know your self esteem will remain intact in such a situation.

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