Taking up a hobby


today i bought a workbench,

i use to work with wood on a project that i tried a few times a long time ago,
we had to make planters and benches for gardens, i only managed to make a couple of planters and a bench but i remembered how much i liked doing that,

i was thinking i could make a nice coffee table or something maybe even something for my music to go in, i saw something that looked amazing for that. or i could just sculpt something if i get good at it, i’m sure there is a magazine or something for it somewhere anyway its going to be fun getting the tools together and trying to remember how to do it lol.

anyone got any hobbies?


good luck with the work bench!! that sounds neat to try!

I have no real hobbies. I use to like sports a lot and that’s what i spent a lot of my time on. But not lately anything. :slight_smile:

In my spare time, I like to record songs on piano and put them on YouTube.

I also used to make jewelry out of metal and found objects, and sold it on eBay. Or give it as gifts to friends!




I lift weights. It’s very tiring and makes me sore but nothing feels better than to lift more than the last time. It also keeps me from getting depressed and increases my libido. I walk my dogs alot and play with my kittens too.


I start so many hobbies, but I don’t always finish them. I used to make rings and bracelets out of shell and sea glass. I did that for Christmas. I surf and swim. I love art and painting and sculpting.


Daydreamer, If you really like it you could turn your hobby into a business. Ya, I’m always thinking ahead…

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i was thinking about maybe selling some things if they were good enough, idk how much i would get for a handcrafted table tho and idk who would buy it, i might end up just giving it away idk.

but i was hoping to get my little nephews involved somehow. my dad has always got little jobs for us all to do and he pays the little ones for their help, its a good way to get them involved but i’ll need to be careful lol i dont want anyone getting injured,

i like to play golf, i might join a golf club in 2014, also im buying a racing greyhound, train the greyhound every day by walking.

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i wonder how much it would cost to join the golf club and take the greyhound around the track :smile:

Cool I love to work with my hands! Have fun!
I enjoy writing, painting, watching my fish, playing with my lovebird, walking my dogs, occasionally cleaning is fun

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I thought I didn’t have a hobby, but come to think of it, my new mixed breed dog is my hobby I guess.
I walk him, play with him, feed him, get him groomed. I am very interested in dogs and the different kinds of breeds.
I used to write poetry and draw. I’m not as motivated as I used to be.


From other post it sounds like you’ve got a plan in place to over come some of your depression. I have a feeling that when you start feeling better, your motivation will come back.
What breed is your dog?

I’ve always been fascinated by nucelar fission.

Hi J, Ive had my dog for about a year. I adopted him from a shelter. He is a mix of probably many breeds - he looks to be some kind of shepherd mix. No one, including the shelter knows for sure. I have to take care of him, depressed or not. He is reliant upon me. My aging parents cannot take care of him, and I want it this way. He is my responsibility.

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There is a little tiny lady in the house down the street who is barely 5 foot tall. She walks her dogs around midnight or 1:00 a.m. She has two Rottweilers, a Doberman and a Pit Bull. Those dogs are perfectly behaved. They never pull the leads or bark or anything. I alway think she’s a deadly person to know. It must take a firm hand to keep those dogs in line.

It’s really hard to get paid for your time, selling handcrafted items. A hobby sounds good, or maybe incorporating it into some kind of work with people that you seem to be drawn to. In any senario I like the idea of working with your nephews

I do all sorts of artwork. I am crocheting a hat right now that looks like the grumpy cat.

I don’t have hobbies. I do reading and writing everyday and then I surf on internet or watch TV to pass time. Maybe I should develop a hobby like growing pot plants at home. As a Schizophrenic, I feel a lack of energy to do things, especially about doing intelligent tasks like writing.


Also when I do artwork my sz symptoms get better during it and for awhile after I feel a lot better and not so sick.

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For a while there, I carved large erasers with linoleum cutters, then used an ink pad to make my own rubber stamps. That was before my MIL decided I didn’t need so many erasers and gave all my unused ones to her friends.
Someday I might find them on sale again and can buy a bunch of 'em and resume this fun hobby.