Taking my time with life

Why do people rush me? You hear it everywhere, music, people around you etc…


Or live a more simpler life. No need to be so ambitious. Just take it day by day. I don’t need a BMW and a trophy wife and a mansion. I just need nature , schizophrenia.con and the present moment. If only it were that easy to train ur mind to think that way. It’s easier when you’re younger then you start desiring “success” and material gain but I’m trying to go back on that.


Yeah, life is rather like a rat race nowadays. I like to aim for the simple life and enjoy the small pleasures of life.


Pretty minimalist these days

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youre right there is no need to rush. even though we experience from time to time the need to have certain wishes fullfilled it isnt meant to be. the only thing that matter is what actually happens and that it is what is important.

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Not saying u shouldn’t chase dreams if u have them but I see men in suits on their way to work during the morning commute and I say “I don’t want that misery”. Some women dig that, well I think they’re a little confused about what they “dig” but ya I don’t want that.

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Agreed on the “simpler life”. If everyone were ascetics, life could be perfect here on Earth. There is no rush or racket when you’re living the minimalistic life possible.


this is something I have to work on in my life. I’m always at a race with myself.

Once I got out of the college age and the SZ hit. People quit putting those pressures on me.

I thought that was something that happened to everyone. First 25 years you’re forced to run and compete and see where you end up landing. After that it’s just life.

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I guess it’s different for others…but my parents always put low expectations on me. Then sz came, then recovery and I said “what am I gonna do with life?” I always have ppl asking what I wanna do in life and I never had the answer. I live in the ny area though where it’s millionaire or bust, which is why I’m trying to move.

Even though I haven’t gone anywhere yet, I feel like already headed in a more positive direction than where I was going to wind up before the SZ.


Yes and no for me. Tbh I couldn’t say where is be if it weren’t for sz. Maybe happier because overall better quality of life, but maybe less so because I’d be humbled less. Not sure.

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