Tactile hallucination that had sex with me

When I was relapsing I thought I could have sex by astral communication and talk via thinking. So one night I talked with one girl via phone and continued conversation via thoughts. Then I laid down and started having tactile hallucinations on my genitals as getting extremely hard without touching and almost ejaculating. Has anyone experienced similar things?

Yeah, it’s pretty unsettling. I get constant tactiles on my balls.

Nope. It’s the first time I hear of such sensations. Wow must be the ride of a lifetime. Or not?

I’m f and had it in hospital

I get these sometimes as hypogogic hallucinations. It’s really weird and unsettling. Mine were always rape-related, so it was really scary, even though it felt good. They come out more when I’m stressed, and avoiding naps seems to help stop them.

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