Tactile Hallucinations (Sexual and slightly graphic)

I would like to contact the person who wrote this in May 2014:

“Sorry for ranting so much but i just dont know what to do. How fo i stop tactiles??? I feel like somone is raping me!! Their touching me and trying to insert something down my rear end”

This happened to me the other night. ‘They’ have always been touching me but the other night they inserted something into my rear end exactly as this previous poster describes. It was a sexual thing, but I don’t know what it was all about. I am deeply ashamed to say that I found it very pleasureable. I don’t know why I should find it pleasureable, or why they should do this to me, because I am not gay. If anything, I am completely asexual. But what worries me is that the recollection of these experiences in my mind will make me become obsessed by it all. What I want to know is, if God hates homosexuality, why does He/She/It encourage it with the placement of pleasure receptors in our back passage? Or does this prove once and for all that there is no God, only evolution?

I don’t know who these ‘beings’ are. They haven’t hurt me and they are very gentle. I am hoping it is going to be possible to resolve these issues through medication, though trying to explain all this to a doctor is going to be deeply embarrassing.

Best wishes,