Szs Completely in their own world

When I lived in the group home there was a man who talked to himself all day long about completely delusional stuff. He was unresponsive to outsiders. If you said his name he’d get a little startled but was literally impossible to talk to. Poor guy. He just did his own thing. I think he was happy in his own world. But must have had serious trauma along the way. Anyone met anyone like this? Certainly wasn’t paranoid sz as he wasn’t paranoid. He took his meds showered brushed his teeth but was completely unable to respond to anyone but himself. I recall him getting angry a few times throwing a fit but other than that he’d be completely in his own world…talking about things from 1982. He would waive hi sometimes but he certainly knew no ones name or cared to.

Reminds me of someone but I won’t say who.

I’ve only met 2 sz/sza people in real life. Short conversations lasting 10 to 15 minutes.

One of them was highly functioning and older. Had started with BP but somewhere a long the way tried experimental medicine and developed SZ. Probably more of the cognitive weirdness kind, not the hallucinatory or fixed delusions kind.

The other guy was 25 broke, homeless, and a total wreck. Had said he never did drugs aside from alcohol and tobacco. I felt bad for the guy, but there isn’t much I could do.

Neither of them seemed totally lost. They just had a lot of other things going on.

I know sz is a group of illnesses clustered into one illness. This guy was one of the saddest cases I’ve met. Idk if this is a bad subject and feel free to delete it if its inappropriate but this guy had a sister who visited him and they would barely be able to talk. Felt bad its like she lost a loved one. I’m sure this type of sz is very rare whatever it was. Sometimes wondered about his past ,

No one on this board is at all like this guy obviously…it wasn’t that he had delusions like me…he was just a lost soul…but content in his fantasy world somewhat.

Yeah it’s tragic. I’m sure she was still happy to see him, she had probably coped with the difference in his character already. Not that she might not occasionally get sad about it.

I mean he’s still alive, if he were actually gone and dead it’d be worse.

How many sz people have you met?

I go to keystone house, went to laurel house, lived in a group home and been in the psych ward six times so many but none really on the streets that come to mind immediately. I’m sure I have but never had anyone tell me they were sz just people in iop and stuff. Many were at least somewhat in denial about being sz too

I don’t really count my hospital stays. I have no idea what was up with the others. Ranged from thinking they were just like me, to them being actors sent there to monitor me and keep me company.

All this time thinking about the mind and all the memories of trying to peer into people. It’s just weird. I had no idea what the limits of reality were lol. The dissonance between anything I thought I might have been perceiving and what was actually happening were so vastly different they would have never overlapped at all. Big waste of time.

Oh well, I feel pretty good these days.

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I’ve stayed in a nice hospital and 3 public ones. I’m pretty sure the public ones had many szs while the private one I stayed in was mostly ppl with depression and stuff and bi polar. Sad how that was. I always felt better bonds in the public ones

The public ones are like psychotic drunk tanks.

I had a better experience in the private hospital.

Yeah, there was a guy who was like that in my board & care home. I don’t know what he talked about though.

Probably witches, satanists, black magic, targeted individuals, telepathic rape, aliens, entities, revolution ?

I don’t know. I never talked to him or listened to him and in 5 years I rarely even got near him.

I bounce back and forth between wanting to help every sz that’s out there to the opposite mentality of “I guess they’re on their own, just like everybody else.”

I don’t know any schizophrenics outside this forum, so the thinking is unnecessary in any case.

I’ve been hospitalized twice, in a public hospital and the people I’ve seen there made me really think how well I was doing. One woman was crying out loud, another one was shaking in fear and there was a guy called Alex who was very handsome. I had a bag of potato chips on my bed and he asked me if he could have it and I gave it to him. He was so happy for that, I don’t know why. We talked for sometime and he said he lost his job but they called him quickly to another room, I was in the emergency room. There was a woman in her fifties who was very happy and chatty and she asked if she could have my coffee because it would give me racing thoughts lol. What a weird experience, I thought people were watching me from the security camera. I slept most of the time there.

Anyway, I haven’t met anyone with mental illness in real life as a friend. My mom is SZ but I was little during that time and she never relapsed. She’s doing very well since she recovered. She hasn’t heard voices in the past 20 years. She’s also very functional and can cook, clean, take care of her husband and my brother. She’s also a happy person. I don’t know why I’ve been unlucky when it comes to meds.


The guy I met talked about events. Things that happened to him pre sz. Ppl who talk about conspiracies and magic aren’t actually sz IMO just for that soul reason. I believe this guy was living in the time he was still well…before he faced some traumatic event.

I was just throwing a jab out there.

Is she medicated? (You’re mother)

Voices aint ■■■■. Mine come and go, but they continue to get weaker and less offensive and have less content in general. I’m pretty sure they’ll go away entirely aside from and odd moment every now and then triggered by white noise.

when i was hospitalized i met a sz who made a bet with a friend he could commit suicide several times, he could never die of his attempts… i really don’t know what kind of friend “helps” a psychotic person in his delusions that way… maybe he ended that friendship later on, i like to think that he did

I’ve had 4 or 5 people who I would count as friends who all had schizophrenia. It always surprises me on these boards when people say they have never met another person with schizophrenia or they have just met one or two. I’ve met many other people with schizophrenia, but I am older than most people here. Those people with schizophrenia who were my friends made good friends, We hung out and did stuff like go out for coffee or to clubs and bars or many other “normal” things. They were just as good of friends as any friends I had before I got sick. Actually they were much nicer.

yeah she takes four types of medications, I don’t know the names. But her psychosis started when I was about eight, it went on for a year, she almost got a divorce at that time too. She was suicidal at that time, used to talk to the voices and see stuff. Anyway, she’s been living like a normal person for the past 20 years. She had a very stressful childhood and was a nurse during the war, maybe the stress caused her illness.