I was totally amazed - Good Sharing Here

When I got on this site I was really amazed. I’ve had schizophrenic friends before but they never shared what you guys do. I had very little idea of what people with voices go through. I’ve never head voices. But they are frightening I know. I don’t know if I would have survived if I heard voices. Not to diminish what I’ve been through but I think people who hear voices have it way more rough than me. I’ve never heard people talk so frankly about their disease and symptoms. This site is a real eye-opener. I thought I was the ONLY person who had the problems I have. Until I came here. Shyness, fear, delusions. I thought I was the only one. OR I had them worse than anybody else. Until I came here i guess I thought literally that girls didn’t have any problems socializing. I just assumed it. It makes me 50 times more sympathetic and empathetic towards them knowing that you women go through what I go through. Don’t get me wrong, I hope you women can learn every social skill you want. And me too.


yeah its a great place

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When I first got in to my SZ support group, I was meeting guys much younger then me and they all lived at home and they all had parents who picked up the tab for their drugs and beer, they would party after the meeting. I didn’t feel like I could relate because even though my family is supportive, they didn’t buy me drugs, beer and let me do whatever I wanted.

My AA meeting, there were more SZ guys who were much older and came from a generation that “didn’t talk of such things” and they had very hard childhoods. The SZ group I go to now is cycling. It was older guys, but now younger kids are coming in again and it feels like square one again. I have more patience now.

But now that I’m on this site, I’ve found a good mix of ages and people. I’ve gotten a lot of info on how to help myself. I’ve gotten a lot of confidence from this site and I’m learning the art of “small talk” I think. I know I wasn’t good at it many months ago, but I feel more confident with small talk. I still don’t like it, but I’m more patient with it.


Yes, this is a great social outlet for me, I can communicate to those people that get it, that understand what i go through. Like @77nick77 I hear voices but not all of the time. I have a lot of respect for those of you that are fighting off the voices constantly, I can’t imagine what hell it must be. There are people on this site, of different genders, culture, beliefs, but we still share one thing in common - we are all battling the same illness. The non SZ members of this site are just as awesome, they understand what we go through as well and they contribute valuable information and messaging throughout this site. A really cool place


yes, some of women also have social problems. When facing strangers, we could also shy and have fear like I always find it embarrassing to talk with my neighbors. This site provides us a space where we can write what we think and feel. It’s much easier than talking face to face with someone.


This is a wonderful thread and thanks 77Nick.
I wonder if any of you guys know of a way to get my son over here…he is pretty hardheaded about any suggestions that come from me…

Tell him that everybody is pretty tolerant and accepting and open-minded. If he follows a few simple rules he can talk about whatever he wants to. Within reason. And he can ask any question he wants. Within reason. Tell him he will find people who are just like him. People who have the same problems. Tell him we are not all ‘masters’ at socializing. he doesn’t have to be either. Our lives are hard, but we persevere. On this site he will find out that he’s not alone. No one judges here. Tell him it will not hurt to at least TRY coming here. He will be welcome here. If he sticks around he will learn some useful things. And tell him that he probably knows something that he can teach us, or help us. Good luck.

Now THAT might get him here…thank youxx

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