SZ with ADHD... I'm not the only one


Wow, I never thought there was a link between ADHD and Sz. I’ve been feeling a bit twitched out… off and on.

I was hoping I wasn’t tipping the scale into positive symptom. I was wondering if the head circus found a new way to play… But it’s just two old games combined.

But I had no idea that it could be my old friend ADHD. I didn’t know that people were starting to see that these could be comorbid. So maybe when my meds still don’t calm me down, it could be ADHD.

The second little article say’s it’s under researched, but there are others out there who are Sz and hyper.

I’m not the only one.



So I’m not the only one who runs across these studies and actually reads them :cool:



My son would be another… I think a lot of symptoms that have been chalked up to SZ are in fact ADHD symptoms. My son calls it anxiety however these strongly resemble hyperactivity.

I would guess that as SZ becomes more managed that ADHD symptoms may become more noticed as you are becoming more aware of them.



You’re not the only one… I read stuff like this a lot.

Those endless articles that say My Sz was caused because my Mom changed a cat littler box once while pregnant and she might have had a cold for a week and that completely messed up my developing brain???

I don’t read that trash. It just blaming MOM again. Or those articles that say living in the country/city causes it while eating processed/ organic food and being exposed to pollen /smog will cause it all. I hate that sort of stuff.

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Hi J, I may have a touch of ADHD, I do know I suffer from some OCD and a possible personality disorder along with my SZA. These sidebar conditions complicate and make SZ more challenging to manage, but not impossible.
My brother and father both have ADHD

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I’m a bit happy about this in an odd way. Because if it’s not anxiety and it is ADHD then that explains why the Xanax doesn’t always work, and I REALLY don’t want to take more of it. I’ve fought off addiction too long. I was surprised that I got Xanax in the first place given my history, but it worked so much better then Zoloft for me.

Also my doc has been directing me to articles and information about bipolar. But what I read, and how I feel just doesn’t fit. But reading about my old friend ADHD and remembering how hyper I was, and knowing how hyper I can get… This feels like it makes more sense.

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I agree. Most of it can be thrown out.
But I do wonder about the cat/sz theory. A large percentage of sz also have gut issues, so maybe we’re susceptible to this certain organism?
When I was 6 or 7, I threw a kitten up in the air and caught it, then again, and then it pooped on me. KARMA :laughing:

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ADHD is common among bipolar patients as well

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I did not know that at all.

Hummm… I hope I don’t end up with too many new things in the head circus.



I had a co-worker who said to have been diagnosed ADHD, and I would strongly agree with the diagnoses. But he also seemed to be slightly psychotic in some of the things he said(but funny). So I’m guessing the devil, red lights, and apples all are very related because of their color? It’s the type of thinking that presents in my case. I think ADHD could very well be a form of sz or the other way around.



Now I’m wondering if there is a bit of a link between OCD and ADHD???

Considering my descent into some major wax build-up. (negative symptoms) I was pretty sure that my ADHD was long gone. My Dad actually used to mention this ages ago, but I was thinking, I’m too sedate to be ADHD. But maybe BarbieBF is right, now that I’m waking up… I’m noticing more of this.

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The other day I started thinking schizoaffective as my son has been hyper for over a week now, although my first thoughts were “Is he becoming manic?” Mom overreacting a bit :blush:

If a lot of SZ is having a combination of personality/mood/thought disorders then to me it only makes sense that these other conditions are going to play key roles. At times some may be more prominent then others but I think anything from psychosis to Autism, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Anxiety… if put on a sliding scale would have it’s part to play.



OCD is a common co morbid condition with people dxed with bipolar disorder, not sure about SZ - you can check it out if you want, I think I will do some research on it, Im curious because I have both SZ and bipolar



You should learn to code on the computer. All those logical structures, lines and lines of nothing but logic… If I’m OCD it’s well neutralized. :smiley: I do notice I can’t stop rubbing my finger on the side of the mouse. I think the only way to complete the satisfaction is to cut a finger off. :stuck_out_tongue:



OCD is pretty common among SZ patients - 23%



I was getting a bit worried and so was my family that I was getting a bit manic. (to say the least)

The J-preservation meeting has been interesting. It’s been a divided team with half thinking manic and the other half thinking Bipolar… my sister’s theory is logical too, but vastly different from everyone else.

Manic would be one med change, ADHD would be a different med change all together… for now things are working. I’m not worried… I just want to know what I’m trying to cope with.

There have also been some very dramatic (yet positive) changes in life personally, and I was hoping with every cell of my being that one of the new factors wasn’t causing it…

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ADHD presents itself with manic like behaviors - especially hyperactivity, many doctors have a difficult time distinguishing between the 2



My pdoc has been sort of stammering and wondering… I’m glad I have my family in on some of the meetings. For a while he thought I was going back to schizoaffective disorder. But then the rapid cycling and some of the panic… and the stress trigers in the family… so we’ve been swinging between stress… bipolar… meds need to be increased ( :worried:)… manic… hyper…

it sort of feels like starting all over again with the diagnostic process…
Only this time, I’m lucid and taking part in this conversation.

I really hope the decreased attention span is due to ADHD because that feels like an easy fix compared to having my SZ getting worse. I could be wrong on that however.



The reason I want my son to look at the ADHD diagnoses is more to do with learning coping skills then medications. If they are needed then they are needed but in the meantime I think it would help to recognize that when he is feeling anxious it is because he has hyperactivity. He has excess energy that needs to be dealt with not necessarily medicated. I would prefer not :smile:

Pondering this I starting thinking about what is it that causes this hyperactivity. If it is in any way connected to the same neurotransmitters or overproduction of dopamine or seratonin then a connection between SZ and ADHD seems even more likely.

I haven’t read this link through but it’s coping skills for adult ADHD:



I have ADHD and tourette’s syndrome. Is there a connection between tourette’s and sz? Tourette’s is believed to be caused by too much dopamine and anti psychotic medicin makes tics go away.

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