Sz Songs to listen to

Anyone knows any sz songs

Off the top of my head I can think of two

Greenday - Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Matchbox Twenty - Unwell

Fade- One Reason
Korn- Shoots and Ladders
Slipknot- Purity
Slipknot - Duality
Slipknot - Eyeless
Korn - Bitch We Got a Problem

All of them have lyrics about insanity, hearing voices, being schizophrenic ect.

the group Evanescence came out with songs that had lyrics describing mental agony, which I wrote on my bedroom walls when I had my first breakdown in 2004. I don’t remember the songs’ names but the lyrics described “monsters calling my name, haunted, whispered voices at my ear, your voice it chased away all the sanity in me, blurring and stirring the truth and the lies, so I don’t know what’s real and what’s not”, and so on.

The album of Evanescence I was speaking about is called “Fallen” (2003)

I used to listen to Black Sabbath and Ozzy a lot…3 songs - Sabbaths “Am I going insane” and “Megalomania”, and Ozzy’s “Diary of a Madman”

Check out the lyrics to Megalomania:

Saaduiqah, you quoted a bunch of Evanescence songs there…Imaginary Monsters, and Fallen at least…

There is a song about SZ by a group called Blue October I think there name is. The title is “schizophrenia” Im pretty sure - good song

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Shoots and Ladders isn’t about psychosis. He’s talking about how those types of songs with bad meanings are passed
down to children. Than the children sing the song without even knowing what’s going own. Example London bridge is falling down is based on a real bridge in London that fell down and killed people. Unless maybe I missed something. :sunny:

well he does talk about voices in his head…

Gently by Slipknot- not explicitly about psychosis but it has the mood of psychosis for damn sure. One of Slipknots most brutal songs

here it is, I think it’s pretty good, id never heard it before

Good song!! I love Slipknot. I saw them a few years back and they were great. My favorite song is Wait and Bleed. Do you listen to them when you workout? I bet they would get you amped up. :sunny:

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I can heal the symptoms, but not effect the cause, it’s a bit like trying to heal a gunshot would with gauze.

But honestly, how in the â– â– â– â–  am i supposed to do that exactly?

Oh yes. My lifting buddy and I blast The Blister Exists on the way to the gym. That and the preworkout supplements make for one hell of a ride. Preworkouts are basically monster energy drinks with vasodilators that make your skin tingle and your veins pop out. Wait and Bleed live in London 2002 was their epitome of awesomeness and brutality (Corey blew out his vocal chords now he cant scream)

Try meds mercilessly. My list of failed medications is huge but I struck gold. I asked for a printout of my status from my pdoc, it says “PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC” and “TREMORS” on the active problems list and then lists all of my meds, which ones work and which ones are discontinued.

Staind - Schizophrenic Conversations

Pink Floyd based two whole albums on Syd Barret. Although it was suspected that he had schizophrenia, he was never formally diagnosed.


Bizzy Bone - Thugz Cry

I like the Green Day song.

Thanks mortimermouse! Glad u liked it

I love that Staind song too